Wash N' Roll was a fictional brand of car wash in the Marvel Comics Transformers series.

Wash N' Roll was developed and produced by one of G. B. Blackrock's many companies. It had a new gimmick to separate it from conventional car wash stations: During the wash, the car wash played rock music and the driver (and passengers) experienced a light show.

In reality, however, Wash N' Roll was a plot by the Decepticons to steal fuel from humans, Blackrock having been hypnotised by Ratbat to go along with the plot. While the rock 'n' roll music played, the light show would cause a hypnotic effect on the driver, causing him/her to fall into a trance. The driver would then receive hypnotic commands from Ratbat to drive to a specially altered Blackrock service station, where he/she would use a gas pump that, instead of filling the cars' tanks, would drain them. The fuel was then covertly shipped to the Decepticons.

The plot was foiled by Buster Witwicky when he was in the car wash with his girlfriend Jessie. Jessie fell under Ratbat's spell, but Buster was too busy kissing Jessie to look at the light show, so he became the first person to go through the car wash in their right mind. (Issue #31, "Buster Witwicky and the Car Wash of Doom!", where this happened, is regarded among fans as the worst issue in the series.)

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