Freshwater Crocodile

Freshwater Crocodile

name = Freshwater Crocodile
status = LR/lc | status_system = IUCN2.3

regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Sauropsida
ordo = Crocodilia
familia = Crocodylidae
subfamilia = Crocodylinae
genus = "Crocodylus"
species = "C. johnsoni"
binomial = "Crocodylus johnsoni"
binomial_authority = (Krefft, 1873)

range_map_caption = Range of the freshwater crocodile in black
The freshwater crocodile ("Crocodylus johnsoni"), also known as the Australian freshwater crocodile, Johnston's crocodile or colloquially as freshie, is a species of reptile endemic to Australia. Found in the northern regions of Australia, it is much smaller than the other Australian species, the saltwater crocodile, which is responsible for attacks on people.

Although they will bite if disturbed or feel threatened, freshwater crocodiles are not known as man-eaters and their jaws are not big enough to seriously harm humans. They will usually ignore people when sunning themselves beside a swimming hole, so long as they have a relatively peaceful spot.

Anatomy and appearance

The Australian freshwater crocodile is a relatively small crocodilian. Males can grow 3 meters (10 ft) long, while females reach a maximum size of 2.1 metres (7 ft). The body colour is light brown with darker bands on the body and tail - these tend to be broken up near the neck. Some individuals possess distinct bands or speckling on the snout. Body scales are relatively large, with wide, closely-knit armoured plates on the back. Rounded, pebbly scales cover the flanks and outsides of the legs. [] they are good hunters when it comes to swimming in the water.

Distribution and habitat

They are found in the states of Western Australia, Queensland, and the Northern Territory. Main habitats include freshwater wetlands, billabongs, rivers, and creeks. It competes poorly with Saltwater crocodiles but is saltwater tolerant. As an adult its diet consists of birds, bats, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.


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