eSpew is a Free Online Audio MP3 Music Search Engine and download service. eSpew maintains that it is the largest online Audio MP3 Music Search Engine in the world indexing over 8 billion websites for media stream-on-demand files.

According to [ Online Archives] , in Jan 2005, released a revolutionary mp3 audio music site. Soon after it's initial release, [ MP3 Search Engine] became known as the "Google" for MP3 Music.

The MP3 Music Search Engine website allows users to Search & Play Music for Free, Chat with Friends, Share Music, Create Multiple Online MP3 Music Play Lists, Save Favorite MP3 Music, and more without users being required to download or install any 3rd party software on their computers or provide personal information.

Similar to Google, Yahoo and other conventional search engines, eSpew applies its own advanced search engine spider to crawl the world wide web searching for audio mp3 songs. According to [ MP3 Music Search Engine] , the spider technology guarantee's users that none of the MP3 music contains viruses.

eSpew has released several innovative features enhancing users online experience. One such feature is an audio toolbar, similar to the Google toolbar. More information about the [ MP3 Music Toolbar] can be found here

According to [] , eSpew now provides their search engine technology to the cellular phone community.

"Sending music to your mobile is as simple as selecting a song, entering in your friend's telephone number and clicking the websites 'Send to Mobile' option," say's Daniel Cohen, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at

Itay Gissin, founder of HooQs(TM), and an expert in mobile technology reports that the music found on can immediately be accessed by any web-enabled mobile device worldwide. Users are not required to provide any personal details about themselves to send music via HooQs(TM). "HooQs makes sure users get what they want on their phones. Leveraging the wealth of music content on the Web, while offering a truly personal mobile experience will revolutionize mobile media. Media companies use HooQs(TM) to set up an effective, targeted mobile channel, directly from their website." explains Mr. Gissin.

Note: The original search engine of eSpew is currently located at [] while the newer search engine can be found at [] .


eSpew provides a free medium to search for mp3 or MPEG-3 music files located on web servers all over the world. Similar to Google, Yahoo and other conventional search engines, eSpew uses an advanced search engine spider to crawl the world wide web in search of mp3 songs, and stores the location of found media in a database.

In effort to provide intelligent search results, the espew mediabot spider verifies the existence of each and every song by reading ID3 tags, and also ensures that the music does not include a virus.

The site includes A media player by Windows Media Player, and there is a "play" link next to The song name. To save a song, you right click, and click "Save Target As" to simply download it. [ Music Search Engine] allows you to search, play or download a song for free while ['s Newer MP3 Music Search Engine] has extended those features by allowing you to create playlists, save searchs, share music with friends, and even send music to any cellphone in the world for free via SMS.

Espew is known as the most popular mp3 search website, and can be found on Google using the most popular keywords related to MPEG-3 and MP3.

Search Engine Rankings on Google / MSN / Yahoo

[] currently reports over 89,000 websites relating to

eSpew ranks high on all major search engines. (See Below for Details) (First Page Rankings for Top Keywords)

[ MP3 Search Engine]

[ Music Search Engine]

[ MP3 Music Search]

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MSN.COM (First Page Rankings for Top Keywords)

[ MP3 Music Search]

[ Music Search Engine]

[ Online Music Download]

[ MP3 Music Search]

Programming Team

The [] and [] Media Search Engines we're created by Daniel Cohen, a famous computer guru from Israel. Cohen originally became popular worldwide for creating and exploting online bbs dialup network systems during the pre-internet era. Today, Daniel's DNS networking solutions and runtime code are applied as default settings on most linux operating systems (Redhat, Fedora, CentOs, Debian, Ubuntu). In addition, Mr. Cohen has published several whitepapers relating to p2p technology, dns networking & load balancing solutions.

In mid 2001, during the Napster mp3 p2p revolution, it is rumoured that Daniel, at the time CEO of [ Speednet] , an Israeli Internet Service Provider - teamed up with Niklas Zennstrom, an Estonian programmer, to create the "Fast Track Network" on behalf of Kazaa. In several interviews, Daniel has categorically denied any involvement with Kazaa or Fast Track.

According to [ TheRegister] , in Feb 2004 Australian music industry investigators raided the premises of Kazaa's parent company, Sharman Networks, seizing computers, source code and documents. According to security experts, the confiscated source code and debug logs establish a direct relationship between Cohen and Kazaa's p2p software code.

In January 2008, & were purchased by Mooza Ltd, a British Hi-Tech company with offices in London. Daniel Cohen was immediately named Chief Technology Officer of the English company and according to [ Linked In] , Mr. Cohen is now busy developing a new audio search engine on behalf of Mooza Ltd - to-be located in the near future at [] .

Update - In May 2008, a new IE Toolbar was released by Daniel Cohen on behalf of The toolbar allows you to search, listen and play music directly from your browser toolbar. []

Mooza Ltd Purchased &




[] currently appears under development, yet soon to become a [ MP3 Music & Video Search Engine]

eSpew currently publishes 19,248,104 mp3 files located in the music database.


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