1996 in games

1996 in games

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This page lists board and card games, wargames, miniatures games, and table-top role-playing games published in 1996. For video and console games, see 1996 in video gaming. __NOTOC__

Games released or invented in 1996

*"Age of Renaissance"
*"Air Baron"
*"BattleTech Collectible Card Game"
*"Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond"
*"Bitin' Off Hedz"
*"Blood Dawn" (role-playing game)
*"Cashflow 101"
*"Deadlands" (role-playing game)
*"Doctor Who Collectible Card Game"
*"Fading Suns" (role-playing game)
*"Feng Shui" (role-playing game)
*"Fischer random chess"
*"Five Crowns"
*"Give Me the Brain"
*"Iron Dragon"
*"Kill Doctor Lucky"
*"Knightmare Chess"
*"Lunch Money"
*"Mastermind for Kids"
*"Monty Python and the Holy Grail Collectible Card Game"
*"Mortal Kombat Kard Game"
*"Mystery of the Abbey"
*"Mythos" (collectible card game)
*"Netrunner" (collectible card game)
*"Star Trek Collectible Card Game"
*"Stargrunt II"
*"The Very Clever Pipe Game"
*"The X-Files Collectible Card Game"
*"XXXenophile" (collectible card game)
*"Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game"

Game awards given in 1996

*Origins Awards (for 1995):
**Best Card Game: ""
**Best Fantasy or Science-Fiction Board Game: "Dragon Dice"
**Best Graphic Presentation of a Board Game: "RoboRally - Armed and Dangerous"
**Best Miniatures Rules: "Warzone - A Fast & Furious Miniatures Battle Game"
**Best Modern-Day Board Game: "Empire of the Rising Sun"
**Best Pre-20th Century Board Game (tie): "Colonial Diplomacy", "Three Days of Gettysburg"
**Best Roleplaying Rules: ""
** Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame
***"Axis & Allies"
***"Call of Cthulhu RPG"

ignificant games-related events of 1996

*Five Rings Publishing Group formed as a spin-out of Alderac Entertainment Group and ISOMEDIA.
*Looney Labs is founded after the demise of Icehouse Games, Inc.

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* 1996 in video gaming

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