1982 in games

1982 in games

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This page lists board and card games, wargames, miniatures games, and table-top role-playing games published in 1982. For video and console games, see 1982 in video gaming. __NOTOC__

Games released or invented in 1982

*"Dawn Patrol"
*"Fields of Action"
*"Fringeworthy" (role-playing game)
*"" (role-playing game)
*"Gangbusters" (role-playing game)
*"Man, Myth & Magic" (role-playing game)
*"Phase 10"
*"Raise the Roof"
*"Star Frontiers" (role-playing game)
*"" (FASA Corporation version)
*"Starfleet Voyages" (role-playing game)
*"Swordbearer" (role-playing game)
*"True Dough Mania"

Game awards given in 1982

* Spiel des Jahres: "Enchanted Forest" (German title is "Sagaland")

ignificant games-related events in 1982

*"Trivial Pursuit" published, becoming the first trivia game.
*TSR, Inc. purchases assets of Simulations Publications, Inc. following its bankruptcy.

ee also

* 1982 in video gaming

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