Player versus environment

Player versus environment

Player versus environment, or PvE, is a term used in MMORPGs, MUDs and other online computer role-playing games. Usually a PvE mode can be played alone, with human companions or even with AI companions. The PvE mode may contain a storyline that is narrated as the player progresses through missions. It may also contain missions that may be done in any order. For example, Guild Wars narrates its story by displaying in-game cutscenes and dialogue with NPCs. To enhance replayability, missions can often be completed many times. Characters playing in this mode are protected against being killed by other players and/or having their possessions stolen. (A very notable exception to this rule is EVE Online, where players can, and often are, ambushed by other human players (PvP) while attempting to complete the PvE mission.)

Notable games with a PvE mode

* Diablo 2
* Dark Age of Camelot
* Guild Wars
* RuneScape
* World of Warcraft
* EVE Online
* Lord of the Rings Online

ee also

*Player versus player

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