A Fleming is an inhabitant (or descendant thereof) of Flanders, a region overlapping parts of modern Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. See Flemish people.


"Fleming" is a surname in English-speaking countries. It may point to an ancestral origin in, and emigration from, Flanders - though it might have happened long enough in the past that no memory of it, except for the name, is retained in the family concerned. (There were extensive ties between England and Flanders already in the Middle Ages, with numerous Flemings arriving in England as merchants or mercenaries or as weavers and some staying on - see William of Ypres.) The name "Fleming" is also common in Scotland and occurs in Scandinavian countries (specifically, it is the name of Fleming of Louhisaari, a Swedish noble family whose ancestors immigrated from Denmark to Swedish-ruled Finland) - all testifying to widespread Flemish diasporas from the Middle Ages on. So is the name of Fläming region, spanning parts of the German states of Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg, a name preserving the memory of 12th century Flemish colonists. Among the persons so named may be mentioned:

cience and engineering

* Alexander Fleming (1881-1955), Scottish scientist who discovered penicillin
* Charles Fleming (1916-1987), New Zealand ornithologist
* John Fleming (naturalist) (1785-1857), Scottish naturalist and minister, the first Scottish zoologist;
* John Ambrose Fleming (1849-1945), British engineer
* Sandford Fleming (1827-1915), Canadian engineer, namesake of Fleming College, inventor of Standard Time
* Williamina Fleming (1857-1911), Scottish astronomer

Theater and television

* Anne Fleming (model), American actress and model
* Art Fleming (1924-1995), American television personality
* Erin Fleming (1941-2003), Canadian actress
* Jaqueline Fleming (1977- ), Danish-American actress
* Kate Fleming (1965-2006), American narrator and producer
* Lucy Fleming (1947- ), British actress
* Mike Fleming, conservative radio talk show host
* Rhonda Fleming (1923- ), American actress
* Shaun Fleming (1987- ), American actor
* Victor Fleming (1889-1949), American film director ("Gone with the Wind")

Music, Art and literature

* Anne Fleming (writer), Canadian author
* Antony le Fleming, English composer
* Don Fleming (musician), American musician and producer
* Ian Fleming (1908-1964), British author of the James Bond novels
* Paul Fleming (1609-1640), German poet
* Peter Fleming (1907-1971), writer
* Renée Fleming (1959), an American soprano
* Robert Fleming (composer) (1921-1976), a Canadian composer
* Thomas Fleming (author), American writer and editor

Politics and law

* Chummy Fleming (1863-1950), Australian unionist
* David Pinkerton Fleming (1877-1944), Scottish politician
* Donald Fleming (1905-1987), Canadian parliamentarian
* Elaine Fleming, Minnesota politician
* Erik R. Fleming (1965- ), Mississippi politician
* Francis P. Fleming (1841-1908), Florida politician
* James Fleming (1939- ), Canadian broadcaster and politician
* James W. Fleming, NYS Comptroller 1923-1924
* John Fleming, colonial judge and house of burgesses representative
* M. Brendan Fleming, Massachusetts politician
* Osbourne Fleming (1940- ), Anguillan politician
* Robert John Fleming (1907-1984), Governor of Panama Canal Zone
* Seán Fleming (1958- ), Irish politician
* Thomas Fleming (judge) (1554-1613), English judge
* William Fleming, American lawyer and judge
* William Fleming (Australian politician)


* James Phillip Fleming (1943- ), American military pilot
* Klaus Fleming (1535-1597), Swedish admiral and nobleman
* Richard E. Fleming (1917-1942), American hero of World War II


* Craig Fleming (1971- ), English footballer
* Damien Fleming (1970- ), Australian cricketeer
* Don Fleming (American football) (1937-1963), American football safety
* Harold John Fleming, football player
* Peggy Fleming (1948- ), American figure skater
* Peter Fleming (1955- ), tennis player
* Rudymar Fleming (1980- ), Venezuelan judoka
* Stephen Fleming (1973- ), New Zealand cricket player


* George Fleming (1667–1747), Bishop of Carlisle
* Michael Anthony Fleming (1792-1850), Newfoundland Roman Catholic Bishop
* William Launcelot Scott Fleming (1906-1990), Geologist and Anglican Bishop


* Earl of Wigtown, extinct Scottish Earldom
* Arthur Fleming, namesake of Caltech's Fleming House
* David Fleming (1940- ), English environmentalist
* Harold C. Fleming, an anthropologist and historical linguist
* Klas Fleming (or "Klas", "Class", "Claes" or "Klaus"), numerous people
* Marcus Fleming (?-1976), an economist
* Nancy Fleming, 1961 Miss America
* Robert Fleming, numerous people
* Thomas Fleming, numerous people


* Bob Fleming, character on "The Fast Show"
* Lancelot Fleming, character on "Monarch of the Glen"
* Sharona Fleming, character in "Monk"
* "Peter Fleming", fictional Danish detective and collaborator with the Nazis in "Hornet Flight" by Ken Follet
* "Henry Fleming", fictional character and narrator of Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage

Fleming is also the name of several Swedish noble families, some of which have been historically significant.

First name

* Fleming McWilliams, singer and songwriter


*Fleming (Alexandria), a neighbourhood in Alexandria, Egypt, named after Alexander Fleming

;United States
*Fleming, Colorado
*Fleming, Indiana
*Fleming, Missouri
*Fleming, New York
*Fleming, Ohio

*Fleming, Saskatchewan;Ireland
*Fleming kingdom, Roscommon

Other uses

* HMS Clas Fleming, Swedish ship
* Fleming's left hand rule
* Fleming's right hand rule

ee also

* Flemish people
* The Fläming, a large area south of Berlin, in the districts of Teltow-Fläming and Potsdam-Mittelmark
* Flemming
* Fleming of Louhisaari
* Coat of arms of Fleming, a Polish coat of arms

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