Wavis O` Shave

Wavis O'Shave is a surreal English musician and comedian who regularly appeared on Channel 4's music show THE TUBE (1982-1987)(9) with his many original comedy characterisations including the cult figure 'The Hard' and who recorded the cult hit album of 1980 - 'Anna Ford's Bum', named after the ITN newsreader Anna Ford.(1,10,11,12) Another of O'Shave's tracks 'Mauve shoes are awful' has been included on the Stateside Hyped2death compilation 'Messthetics no 4' (2). A relatively recent appraisal of Wavis' days on THE TUBE was recounted by Andrew Collins '"What other music show would give copious airtime to local comic Wavis O'Shave and his alter ego, a surreal geordie psychopath called 'the Hard'? ("I felt...nowt [nothing] !")(3) Original co-founder and Editor of the VIZ Comic, Chris Donald, recounts in his autobiography 'Rude Kids' .."A new Anti-Pop album called 'Anna Ford's Bum' was causing a bigger stir on both radio and in the music press. None of his fans knew what he looked like. Wavis would become better known in later years as 'The Hard', a bizarre character who made brief appearances on The Tube hitting his hand with a hammer and saying 'I felt nowt!"(4)Following 'Anna Ford's Bum', Wavis recorded a second album entitled 'Texican Raveloni' under the name Foffo Spearjig from which came the single 'Tie your laces tight' backed with 'You won't catch me on the 503.'Wavis' last tv appearance was on the Granada TV show 'Stars In Their Eyes' performing Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel's 'Make me smile (Come up and see me)' in 1994 (5) and in 2004 he recorded a cd single 'Katie Derham's Bum' in adoration of ITN newsreader Katie Derham.(6)


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*Wavis currently resides at Falling A Records [http://www.dynamitevision.com/inc/sdetail/1165]
*Myspace link; [http://www.myspace.com/wavisoshave]

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