Alfonso IV of Aragon

Alfonso IV, called the Kind (also "the Gentle" or "the Nice", Catalan: "Alfons el Benigne") (1299 – 24 January 1336) was the King of Aragon [He held the Crown of Aragon, which included not just Aragon, but also the kingdoms of Valencia, Sardinia, and Corsica.] and Count of Barcelona [He was also the holder of most of the Catalan counties.] (as Alfonso III) from 1327 to his death. He was the second son of James II and Blanche of Anjou. His reign saw the incorporation of the County of Urgell, Duchy of Athens, and Duchy of Neopatria into the Crown of Aragon.

During the reign of his father, he was the procurator general of the Crown. He married Teresa d'Entença, heiress of Urgell, in 1314. In 1323–1324, he undertook the conquest of Sardinia. He became heir after his older brother James renounced his rights to become a monk. In 1329, he began a long war with the Republic of Genoa. The city of Sassari surrenderd in 1323, but rebelled three more times and was contested by Genoa.

After widowing, Alfonso married Eleanor of Castile, who was betrothed to his brother James, who had refused to consummate the marriage. She was the sister of Alfonso XI of Castile.



By Teresa d'Entença:
* Alfonso, lived only one year
* Peter IV, successor
* James I, Count of Urgell, also inherited Entença and Antillon
* Fadrique, died young
* Constance (1322-1346), married James III of Majorca
* Elizabeth, died young
* Sancho (1327), lived only a few days

By Eleanor of Castile:
* Ferdinand, Marquis of Tortosa
* John, married Isabel Núñez de Lara and was killed by order of his cousin Pedro of Castile



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