Air wargaming

Air wargaming

Air wargaming, like naval wargaming, is a niche specialism within the wider miniatures wargaming hobby. Due to the relatively short time over which aerial combat has developed air wargaming periods tend to break down into three broad periods:

* World War I - from the earliest air combat to the 1920s
* World War II- 1930s to the early 1950s
* "Modern" - the missile age

To this can be added science fiction and "alternate history" such as the various incarnations of "Crimson Skies" or Victorian Science Fiction such as "Aeronefs".

Air wargaming is served by a specialist wargames society, AirWarSoc [ [ ] ] , which was formed by Steve Blease (founder of the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers); AirWarSoc currently exists as an online entity. The development of military flight occurred during the period covered by the Society of Twentieth-Century Wargamers [ [ Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers ] ] and air wargaming articles appear frequently in its quarterly Journal.

Board Games

* "Achtung Spitfire"
* "Air Force" and the "Dauntless" expansion pack (Avalon Hill)
* "Air Superiority" (GDW)
* "Air War" (Simulations Publications Inc.)
*"Blue Max"
* "Down in Flames" (GMT)
* "Downtown" (GMT)
* "Flight Leader" (Avalon Hill)
* "Knights of the Air" (Avalon Hill)
* "Richthofen's War" (Avalon Hill)
* "The Speed of Heat" (Clash of Arms)
* "Wings of War: Famous Aces" (Fantasy Flight Games)
* "Wings of War: Dawn of War" (Fantasy Flight Games)

Miniatures Rules


* "Air War 1918" (Wessex Games)
* "Algernon Pulls It Off" (TooFatLardies)
* "Stringbags" (A&A Game Engineering)
* "Wings of War Miniatures" (Fantasy Flight Games)


* "Bag the Hun" (TooFatLardies)
* "Blue Sky" series (Blue Sky Enterprises) - currently four modules, "Red Sun" (Early Far East), "Red Star" (Eastern Front), "White Star" (US Daylight Raids), "Blue Sea" (Mediterranean), and a fifth, "Black Cross" (Early Western Europe), is in production.
* "Check Your 6!" (Scott Fisher)
* "Duel of Eagles" (QRF)
* "Instant Bandits!" (Nigel Lancaster)
* "Scramble!" and the "Angels 15" supplement (A&A Game Engineering)


* "Air War C21" (Wessex Games)
* "Bandits!" (Sunray42 - Private Rule set contact - dredpath at
* "Birds of prey" (Ad Astra Games)
* "Clash of Sabres" (QRF)
* "Fox Two" (A&A Game Engineering)
* "Fox Two Reheat" (A & A Game Engineering)
* "Instant Thunder!" (Nigel Lancaster)

cience fiction and fantasy

* "Aeronautica Imperialis" (Forge World) Warhammer 40k themed aerial combat
* "Aeronef" (Wessex Games) Victorian Science Fiction
* "Crimson Skies" (Fasa) alternate history air combat in a fragment America
* "Hard Vacuum" (Fat Messiah) WWII rocket combat
* "Levithian" (Fasa) Far Future fighter level combat in the Renegade legion setting
* "Star Wars: Silent Death" (Online rules) "Silent Death" rules for the Star Wars universe.

Online Rules

As with most wargaming genres and periods there are a large number of free air wargaming rules available on the internet. Some of these can be found on the Air Wargames Online website. [ [ Air Wargames Rules Online ] ]


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