1979 in video gaming

1979 in video gaming


Notable releases

* Richard Garriott creates "Akalabeth", a computer role-playing game for the Apple IIe. It launches Garriott's career and is a precursor to his highly successful "Ultima" series.
* Namco releases "Bomb Bee", the sequel to "Gee Bee", "Galaxian", the first true color arcade game, and "Cutie Q", the second sequel to "Gee Bee".
* Cinematronics releases the "Warrior" arcade game.
* SEGA releases the "Monaco GP" arcade game.
* Atari releases the "Lunar Lander" and Ed Logg & Lyle Rains' "Asteroids" arcade games.
* Richard Bartle and Roy Trubshaw create what is commonly recognized as the first playable MUD. (Note: Many say that this happened in 1978, though Bartle has stated 1979. [http://www.iol.ie/~ecarroll/mud/mudhistory.html] )
* October - subLOGIC releases "Flight Simulator" for the Apple II. It is later released by Microsoft (1982).


* Mattel test markets the Intellivision console in Fresno, California. It is released throughout the United States in 1980.
* Milton Bradley Company releases the Microvision handheld
* Texas Instruments releases the TI-99/4 home computer
* Warner Communications' Atari creates the Cosmos handheld (unreleased)


* New companies:
**Capcom Inc.
**Strategic Simulations, Inc.
**Edu-Ware Services, Inc.

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