1981 in video gaming

1981 in video gaming


* November -
** The British video game magazine Computer and Video Games (C&VG) starts.
** Game & Watch - released in Sweden.

* Arnie Katz and Bill Kunkel found "Electronic Games", the first magazine on video games and generally recognized as the beginning of video game journalism.

Notable releases

* Midway releases "Gorf" and "Ms. Pac-Man" arcade games
* Sega releases the "Frogger" video game, which was developed by Konami
* Namco releases "New Rally-X", "Warp and Warp", "Galaga", and "Bosconian", which is the first game to have a continue feature.
* Nelsonic releases the "Space Attacker" watch LCD game
* Nintendo releases Shigeru Miyamoto's "Donkey Kong" arcade game
* Williams Electronics releases Eugene Jarvis's "Stargate" arcade game
* IBM and Microsoft include the game "DONKEY.BAS" with the IBM PC, arguably the first IBM PC compatible game.
* "Ultima" and "Wizardry" are released, starting two of the most successful lines of CRPGs


* Astrovision Inc. distributes the Bally Computer System after buying the rights from Bally/Midway
* Acorn Computers Ltd releases the BBC Micro home computer, which brought the game "Elite" to prominence
* Coleco Industries releases the Total Control 4 home console
* Commodore Business Machines releases the Commodore VIC-20 home computer
* SEGA test markets the SG-1000 home console in Japan
* Sinclair Research releases the ZX81 home computer, the first widely available 'domestic' computer to play games in the UK. Shortly, J. K. Greye Software publishes "3D Monster Maze" written by Malcolm Evans – the first computer game featuring real-time 3D graphics without using specialized vector graphics hardware


* APF Electronics, Inc. goes defunct

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