34th National Assembly of Quebec

The 34th National Assembly of Quebec is the provincial legislature in Quebec, Canada that existed between September 25, 1989 and September 12, 1994 and was governed by the Quebec Liberal Party led by Robert Bourassa throughout most of the mandate except in the final months of the government prior to the 1994 elections where Daniel Johnson Jr. succeeded Bourassa as Premier of Quebec. The Liberals would be later defeated in the elections by Jacques Parizeau's Parti Québécois.

eats per political party

* After the 1989 elections

Member list

This was the list of members of the National Assembly of Quebec that were elected in the 1989 provincial elections

Other elected MNAs

Other MNAs were elected in by-elections in this mandate

* Jean Filion, Parti Québécois, Montmorency, August 12, 1991 [http://www.quebecpolitique.com/election/comtes/c-montmorency.html#1991p]
* Pierre Bélanger, Parti Québécois, Anjou, January 20, 1992 [http://www.quebecpolitique.com/election/comtes/c-anjou.html#1992p]
* Roger Bertrand, Parti Québécois, Portneuf, July 5, 1993 [http://www.quebecpolitique.com/election/comtes/c-portneuf.html#1993p]
* Serge Ménard, Parti Québécois, Laval-des-Rapides, December 13, 1993 [http://www.quebecpolitique.com/election/comtes/c-laval-des-rapides.html#1993p]
* Marcel Landry, Parti Québécois, Bonaventure, February 21, 1994 [http://www.quebecpolitique.com/election/comtes/c-bonaventure.html#1994p]
* Bernard Brodeur, Quebec Liberal Party, Shefford, February 28, 1994 [http://www.quebecpolitique.com/election/comtes/c-shefford.html#1994p]

Cabinet Ministers

Bourassa Cabinet (1989-1994)

* Prime Minister and Executive Council President: Robert Bourassa
* Deputy Premier: Lise Bacon
* Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: Michel Pagé (1989-1992), Yvon Picotte (1992-1994), Robert Middlemiss (Delegate) (1989-1990), Yvon Vallières (1992-1994)
**Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Regional Development (Delegate): Yvon Vallières (1990-1992)
* Labor: Yves Séguin (1988-1989), André Bourbeau (1990), Normand Cherry (1990-1994)
* Workforce, Revenue Security and Professional Formation: André Bourbeau
* President of the Treasury Board, Administration and Public Office: Daniel Johnson Jr.
* Provisioning and Services: Robert Dutil
* Cultural Affairs: Lucienne Robillard (1989-1990), Liza Frulla (1990-1993)
* Culture: Liza Frulla (1993-1994)
* Cultural Communities and Immigration: Monique Gagnon-Tremblay
* Cultural Communities (Delegate): Normand Cherry
* Francophonie: Guy Rivard (1989-1992)
* Health and Social Services: Marc-Yvan Côté, Christos Sirros (Delegate) (1989-1990)
* Status of Women : Violette Trépanier
* Education: Claude Ryan (1989-1990), Michel Pagé (1990-1992), Lucienne Robillard (1990-1993)
* Superior Education and Science: Claude Ryan (1989-1990), Lucienne Robillard (1990-1993)
** Education and Science: Lucienne Robillard (1993-1994)
* Recreation, Hunting and Fishing: Gaston Blackburn
* Mines and Regional Development: Raymond Savoie (1989-1990)
* Indian Affairs: John Ciaccia (1989-1990), Christos Sirros (1990-1994)
* Transportation: Sam Elkas
* Transportation (Delegate): Yvon Vallières (1989-1990), Robert Middlemiss (1990-1994)
* Communications: Liza Frulla (1989-1990), Lawrence Cannon (1990-1994)
* Municipal Affairs: Yvon Picotte (1989-1990), Claude Ryan (1990-1994)
* Regional Affairs: Yvon Picotte (1992-1994)
* Environment: Pierre Paradis
* Energy and Ressources: Lise Bacon
* Forests: Albert Côté
* Canadian Intergovernmental Affairs: Gil Rémillard
* International Affairs: John Ciaccia, Guy Rivard (Delegate) (1992-1994)
* Electoral reform: Marc-Yvan Côté
* Tourism: André Vallerand
* Justice: Gil Rémillard
* Public Safety: Sam Elkas (1989-1990), Claude Ryan (1990-1994)
* Finances: Gérard D. Lévesque (1989-1993), Monique Gagnon-Tremblay (1993-1994)
* Finances: (Delegate): Louise Robic
* Revenue: Yves Séguin (1989-1990), Gérard D. Levesque (1990), Raymond Savoie (1990-1994)
* Industry, Commerce and Technology: Gérald Tremblay

Johnson Jr. Cabinet (1994)

* Prime Minister and Executive Council President: Daniel Johnson Jr.
* Vice-President of the Executive Council: Monique Gagnon-Tremblay
* Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: Yvon Picotte
* Revenue Security: Violette Trépanier
* Employment: Serge Marcil
* President of the Treasury Board, Administration and Public Office: Monique Gagnon-Tremblay
* Government Services: Jean Leclerc
* Culture and Communications: Liza Frulla
* International Affairs, Cultural Communities and Immigration: John Ciaccia
* Health and Social Services: Lucienne Robillard
* Status of Women and Family: Violette Trépanier
* Education: Jacques Chagnon
* Indian Affairs: Christos Sirros
* Transportation: Normand Cherry, Gaston Blackburn (Delegate)
* Municipal Affairs:Claude Ryan
* Regional Affairs: Yvon Picotte
* Environment and Wildlife: Pierre Paradis
* Natural Ressources: Christos Sirros
* Electoral reform: Roger Lefebvre
* Justice: Roger Lefebvre
* Public Safety: Robert Middlemiss
* Finances: André Bourbeau
* Revenue: André Vallerand
* Industry, Commerce, Science and Technology: Gérald Tremblay, Georges Farrah (Delegate)

New electoral districts

An electoral map reform was made in 1992 and the changes were in effect starting in the 1994 elections. [http://www.quebecpolitique.com/election/electcomte-1992.html]

* A new Bertrand riding was created in the Laurentides region from parts of Labelle, Prévost and Rousseau. The older Bertrand riding in the Montérégie region was renamed Marguerite-D'Youville.
* Blainville was formed from parts of Groulx and Terrebonne.
* Borduas was formed from parts of Verchères and Iberville.
* Dorion and Laurier was merged to form Laurier-Dorion.
* Saint-Henri and Sainte-Anne were merged to form Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne.
* Westmount and Saint-Louis were merged to form Westmount-Saint-Louis.


* [http://www.quebecpolitique.com/election/elect34.html 1989 election results]
* [http://www.assnat.qc.ca/fra/patrimoine/cabinets4.html List of historical Cabinet Ministers]

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