State auditor

A state auditors (also state comptrollers or state controllers) are executive officers of U.S. states who serve as auditors and comptrollers for state funds.

The office of state auditor is often a constitutional office (that is, it is created by the state constitution). The state auditor oftens head a state agency. In some states auditors is an elected office, while in others auditors are appointed by the state governor and are confirmed by the state senate.

*Alabama State Auditor
*Massachusetts Auditor
*Minnesota State Auditor
*New Jersey State Auditor
*North Carolina State Auditor
*Ohio State Auditor
*Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector
*Pennsylvania Auditor General
*State Auditors of Missouri

ee also

*Governor (United States)
*Lieutenant Governor
*State Attorney General
*Secretary of State (U.S. state government)

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