List of Unificationists

List of Unificationists

This page is a list of prominent members and some former members of the Unification Church, present and former followers of Sun Myung Moon.

The family of Rev. Moon and his wife Hakja Han Moon are known as the "True Family" within the church. Rev. and Mrs. Moon are known as "True Father" and "True Mother." Their children are known as the "True Children." Members regard Reverend Moon as the Second Coming of Christ, whose main mission, together with his wife, is to become "True Parents," establish a "True Family," and engraft everyone in the world (physical world and spiritual world) into that family to restore their lineage from satanic to Godly.

Members of the "True Family"

"True Parents"

* Rev. Sun Myung Moon ("True Father" to members; "Father Moon" to some outsiders) - founder
* Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon ("True Mother" to members; "Mother Moon" to some outsiders) - founder's wife and officially-designated immediate successor. They were married in 1960.

"True Children"

* Hyo Jin Moon - eldest son (died 2008). Musician; long-term problems with substance abuse, infidelity, and violence.
* InJin Moon - third daughter (second daughter died in infancy). Toured with Mrs. Moon and Nansook Hong giving public speeches; gave public speeches defending Rev. Moon when in prison; wrote [ open letter] to members regarding Bo Hi Pak.
* Heung Jin Moon - second son (died 1984). Called "king of the spirit world" by Rev. Moon; mediumistic "channeling" of him prominent in late 1980s, see especially the "Black Heung Jin Nim."
* Hyun Jin Moon - third son. Businessman, youth leader, Olympic equestrian.
* Kook Jin Moon - fourth son; more commonly known as Justin Moon. Businessman and firearms designer. Owns and operates Kahr Arms, a U.S. small arms manufacturer.
* Yeon Jin Moon - second youngest daughter. Documentary film maker; was contestant on "Survival of the Richest".

Other members of the "True Family"

* Soon Ae Hong (who members know by the title "Dae Mo Nim," which means "Exalted Mother") - Mrs. Moon's mother (died); medium Hyo Nam Kim believed to be channeling her since the mid-1990s at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center in Korea.
* Julia Moon - wife (posthumous wedding) of Heung Jin Moon. Born Hoon Sook Pak, oldest daughter of long time major leader and key aide Bo Hi Pak. Prima ballerina and General Director of Universal Ballet in South Korea.

Estranged "True Family" members

* Yejin Moon - eldest daughter. Broke with the church and her parents in 1983. [ [ Line of Faith] , by Scott Avery, January 3, 1999.] ["Do As I Preach, and Not As I Do", "TIME", Asian Edition, September 28, 1998, Vol. 152, NO. 12.] [Hong, Nansook. (1998). "". Little, Brown. (ISBN 0-316-34816-3) p. 203.] ["Telegraph", November 5, 1995, cited in "Fair News", Summer 1996.]
* Un Jin Moon - fourth daughter. Left the church; appeared on "60 Minutes" with Nansook Hong to support her story. [ [ Interviews with Nansook Hong and Un Jin Moon] on "60 Minutes".]
* Nansook Hong - ex-wife of Hyo Jin Moon, the eldest son. Author of tell-all book, "" (ISBN 0-316-34816-3).

Current members

Key officials and Leaders

* Bo Hi Pak - former major church leader; founding chairman and president of The Washington Times; main translator (during the 70s and 80s) for Rev. Moon's speeches given to English speaking audiences.
* Chung Hwan Kwak - major church leader; chairman and president of United Press International and of News World Communications, Inc.; leader of many other Unification-affiliated organizations.
* Won Pil Kim - considered Rev. Moon's first disciple, from the time they were imprisoned together in a communist labor camp, to the impoverished early ministry in Pusan, to the present day.
* Hyo Won Eu - first president of the Unification Church of Korea; worked closely with Sun Myung Moon to write the two main versions of Divine Principle, "Wolli Haesol" and "Wolli Kangnon".
* Young Oon Kim - theologian; first Unificationist professor at Unification Theological Seminary (UTS).
* Tyler Hendricks - president of US church (1991-2000), now president of Unification Theological Seminary (UTS).
* Michael Jenkins - president of US church since 2000.
* Mose Durst - former president of US church, author, educator.
* Neil Albert Salonen - former president of US church, now president of the University of Bridgeport.
* Joon Ho Seuk - a leader of World CARP, missionary to Russia and China; supervised writing of moral curriculum used by the Russian Federation.
* Andrew Wilson - academic dean of UTS; editor of "World scripture: A comparative anthology of sacred texts".
* Michael Mickler - vice president of UTS; author of "A History of the Unification Church in America, 1959-1974".
* Frank Kaufmann - comparative religion scholar; editor of journal "Dialogue and Alliance"; IRFWP director
* Dan Fefferman - executive director of International Coalition for Religious Freedom.

Other prominent members

* [ Bill Gertz] - defense and national security reporter for The Washington Times, and best-selling author.
* Jonathan Wells (intelligent design advocate) - senior fellow of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture.
* [ Inku Kim-Marshall] - head of Division of Korean Studies, Georgetown University.
* [ Michael Marshall] - United Press International editor in chief.
* Tom McDevitt - President of the Washington Times.
* [ Mark Anderson] - member (R), Arizona House of Representatives, District 18.
* [ Larry Moffitt] - The Washington Times Foundation vice president and former VP of [ United Press International] and editor of UPI's [ Religion and Spirituality Forum] .
* Lee Shapiro - Documentary filmmaker, died while filming in Afghanistan in 1987.
* [ Thomas J. Ward] - Dean of the International College of the University of Bridgeport.
* Junko Sakurada (桜田 淳子) - famous former singer and actress in Japan.

Former members

Out of the tens of thousands who joined the Unification Church of America, 95% are now former members according to former U.S. church president Tyler Hendricks.Fact|date=June 2008 Most left on good terms; a few became prominent critics or opponents.

* Steven Hassan - author and "exit counselor."
* Christopher Edwards - author of "Crazy for God".
* Josette Sheeran Shiner - ambassador, head of UN World Food Program
* Richard Cohen - advocate of conversion therapy
* [ K. Gordon Neufeld] - author of [ "Heartbreak and Rage"] , church opponent.
* [ Graham Lester] - blogger and [ limericist] .
* [ Tim Folzenlogen] - painter.


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