Smart Game Format

Smart Game Format

The Smart Game Format, or SGF, is a computer file format used for storing records of board games including:

*Lines of Action

Go is the game that is most commonly represented in this format.

SGF uses a tree-based representation of the game to store information; the tree structure makes the addition of variations simple. It is also text-based instead of binary for the sake of portability.


* Language: Go is most widely played in China, Japan, and Korea, but the SGF format has no way of specifying different translations for text.

* Metadata: Only a limited, fixed set of metadata can be present, for example, SGF has rank fields, but no way to represent the ranking system in use.

See also

* Portable Game Notation, a common computer format for recording games of Chess.

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* [ Specification of the Smart Game Format]
* [ SGF description on Sensei's Library]

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