Kinglake National Park

Kinglake National Park

Infobox_protected_area_of_Australia | name = Kinglake National Park
iucn_category = II

caption = in 1890 the peace of timber was cut
locator_x = 219
locator_y = 198
nearest_town_or_city = Kinglake
coordinates = coord|37|24|23|S|145|12|39|E|type:landmark_region:AU
area = 216 km²
established = 1928
visitation_num =
visitation_year =
managing_authorities = Parks Victoria
official_site = [ Kinglake National Park]

Kinglake is a national park in Victoria, Australia, 50 kilometres northeast of Melbourne.

The national park includes Masons Falls, a popular picnic area with stunning falls and natural flora. Of particular note is the layered sediment that forms the valley, containing fossils from when the area was once covered by the sea.

Natural fauna includes most of the Australian wildlife favorites, the wallaby, kangaroo, wombat, possum and echidna. Some more unusual species to be found are wide varieties of birds including cockatoo's (white, black and red-headed), king parrots, the rosella and the Lyre bird. Lyre birds are common and can be found digging in the rotting piles of leaves and sawdust right by the side of many walking tracks.

It is also interesting to see the change in flora from that suited to drier climates, to that suited to wet climates, in the short distance of the track down to the falls lookout.

The area was logged in the early part of the 20th century, and some remnants of logging remain (such as scars on some trees and the sawdust dump). However, many magnificent trees remain.

A number of the shorter tracks are also suitable for wheelchair access. There are also longer walking tracks, and a camping ground nearby.

In January 2006, parts of the park to the north of the Kinglake township were devastated by a bushfire started by lightning during a severe thunderstorm. The blaze threatened to engulf the town, advancing to within a few hundred metres of the northern fringe. The town was, ironically, saved by thunderstorms, along with Country Fire Authority volunteers.

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