BH, Bh or bh may stand for:


* The Designation of a helium rectifier gas filled tube which was an early product of Raytheon
* Bahrain, ISO 2-letter country code
* Baklunish Hegira or Baklunish Hierarchy
* "Baruch HaShem" (Hebrew "Blessed is God"), also written "B"H"
* Before Hegira (Islamic calendar)
* Belize, WMO and obsolete NATO country code digram (from former name "British Honduras")
* Bellaire High
* Belo Horizonte
* Benton Harbor, Michigan
* Berkshire Hathaway
* Beverly Hills
* Bill Handel
* Black hole
* Blue heeler
* Bosnia and Herzegovina, informal country code
* Boss Hogg, a character from the US TV show "Dukes of Hazzard"
* BH postcode area, the United Kingdom postal area for the region in southern England which is served by Bournemouth postal sorting office
* Bret Hart
* Brinell hardness
* Buddy Holly
* Hawkair IATA airline code
* Bounty Hunters
* Beistegui Hermanos, Basque bicycle manufacturer.
* Biblia Hebraica, a title for printed editions of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible).
* Big House, abbr. for 8 Bedroom Wareham, MA beachfront mansion, AKA Southwest at Little Harbor]
* Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, town in Union County, New Jersey, USA.
* Buckethead, guitarist
* Brooke Hogan, daughter of Hulk Hogan


* Bohrium, the chemical element


* Bihari language's ISO 639 alpha-2 language code
* .bh, the ccTLD for Bahrain
* bh, a digraph in some writing systems

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