South Bruny National Park

South Bruny National Park

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iucn_category = II

caption = Map of Tasmania showing the location of South Bruny National Park
locator_x = 170
locator_y = 180
nearest_town_or_city = Kingston
coordinates = coord|43|21|00|S|147|22|16|E|type:landmark_region:AU
area = 50.59 km²
established = 1997
visitation_num = 9200 [ [ South Bruny National Park Management Plan 2000] ]
visitation_year = 1997
managing_authorities = Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service
official_site = [ South Bruny National Park]

South Bruny National Park is located on Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia, about 50 km south of Hobart. The park contains the Cape Bruny Lighthouse. The highest point of the park (and of Bruny Island) is Mount Bruny at 504 m.


Much of the park's vegetation is composed of dry sclerophyll communities such as eucalypt woodland as well as heathland and coastal communities. There are also small patches of wet eucalypt forest and temperate rainforest. [ Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania: South Bruny National Park - landforms, flora and fauna] downloaded 30 November 2007]


Common mammals in the park are Bennett's Wallaby, Common Brushtail Possum and Tasmanian Pademelon. The Eastern Quoll has been reported. Spotted-tail Quolls, Tasmanian Devils and Common Wombats are absent. All eleven of Tasmania's endemic bird species are present, notably the Forty-spotted Pardalote for which the island is the main stronghold. Little Penguins and Hooded Plovers breed on the coast. Reptiles recorded include the Tiger Snake, Lowland Copperhead and White-lipped Snake.


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* [ Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania: South Bruny National Park]

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