List of The Twilight Zone episodes

List of The Twilight Zone episodes

This is a list of "The Twilight Zone" episodes.

Before the Twilight Zone (1958)

Rod Serling wrote a teleplay intending for it to be the pilot episode of a new series called "The Twilight Zone". Although it ended up airing on a different show, "Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse", it is still considered the pilot episode of "The Twilight Zone" and has even been adapted as one of the "The Twilight Zone" radio-show episodes.

eason 3: 1961-1962

37 episodes

Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

This two-hour Twilight Zone offering contains four installments: three remakes of classic episodes, plus an entirely new story.

4 episodes

Season 2: 1986 – 1987

Season Two episodes were comprised of one, two, or three segments within each episode.

Season 3: 1988 – 1989

Season Three was made up of half-hour episodes that aired individually.

# "The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon"
# "Extra Innings"
# "The Crossing"
# "The Hunters"
# "Dream Me a Life"
# "Memories"
# "The Hellgramite Method"
# "Our Sylena is Dying"
# "The Call"
# "The Trance"
# "Acts of Terror"
# "20/20 Vision"
# "There Was an Old Woman"
# "The Trunk"
# "Appointment on Route 17"
# "The Cold Equations"
# "Strangers in Possum Meadows"
# "Street of Shadows"
# "Something in the Walls"
# "A Game of Pool"
# "The Wall"
# "Room 2426"
# "The Mind of Simon Foster"
# "Cat and Mouse"
# "Many, Many Monkeys"
# "Rendezvous in a Dark Place"
# "Special Service"
# "Love is Blind"
# "Crazy as a Soup Sandwich"
# "Father and Son Game"

The Twilight Zone televison series (Second revival 2002 – 2003)

These episodes ran for a half-hour each, but were aired together in pairs to make a full-hour format. They were hosted by Forest Whitaker.

Season 1: 2002 – 2003

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