The town, commune and kingdom of Gandiaye in the Department of Kaolack, central Senegal, lies along National Route 1 about 24 kilometers from Kaolack. The population (2002) is about 10,000 consisting of the Serer, Wolof, Fulfulde (Fula or Peulh), Bambara and Jola) ethnic groups.

Gandiaye has its own traditional king, or "Bour Gandiaye" who is assisted by various ministers: a Jaraaf, a Farba, a Paar, etc. This court has existed for centuries. These kings have been subordinate to the King of Saloum and they still are today. The current Bour Gandiaye is His Highness, Babacar Mbodji I of Gandiaye.

The commune includes the rural towns of Thiomby, le Dya, and Ndiebel. The economy is mainly agricultural, and marketing to highway traffic. Outsiders come to fish in the Saloum River tributaries.

As of 2002 the Mayor of Gandiaye was Dr. El Hadji Gueye. The area is Muslim, Catholic and traditional animist, and the town has a Muslim and a Catholic cemetery.

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