=In medicine=

*T2 spinal nerve
*a biological parameter that is used to distinguish between tissue types, using MRI
*T2 (biochemistry), a sTNFR homologue
* a non-small cell lung carcinoma staging code for a type of tumour


* T2 (band), a British progressive rock band
* T2 Corporation, a tax form used in Canada
* T2 (producer), A British producer most notable for the track Heartbroken, which reached No.2 in the UK Singles Chart.
* T2 (roller coaster) a roller coaster at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
* T2 SDE, a Linux System Development Environment
* T2 tanker, a mass produced tanker used during and after World War II
* T2 (tea), an Australian speciality tea company
* Tatra T2, a 1955 Czekoslavian tramcar
* Ford T2 platform
* UltraSPARC T2, a Sun Microsystem microprocessor
* T-carrier in telecommunications
* TSquared, electronic sports gamer
* Tungsten (handheld), Tungsten T2, Palm OS-based PDA
* Second thoracic vertebra of the vertebral column, in human anatomy
* In Nuclear magnetic resonance, T2 is the spin-spin relaxation time
* Tribes 2 (video game)
* Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
* "" (movie)
* "", the sequel of the 2007 live action film "Transformers"
* Thai Air Cargo, IATA airline designator
* a type of transit lane in Australia
* Lil' Troy's son (also a rapper)
* Paris Tramway Line 2


*T-2 Buckeye (aircraft)
*T-2 mycotoxin in biology
*Mitsubishi T-2, a 1971 Japanese jet trainer aircraft
*ACAZ T-2, a Belgian monoplane designed in 1924
*second partial float of the formerly government-owned Telstra telecommunications provider in Australia, September, 1999.
*Trap T-2 Tactical remote weapon


* a mathematical concept used in topology, see Hausdorff space

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