In Hinduism, the Ribhus (IAST|ṛbhú- meaning "clever, skilful", cognate to Latin "labor"Fact|date=September 2008 and perhaps to English "elf", said of Indra, Agni and the Adityas in the Rigveda)Fact|date=September 2008 are threeFact|date=September 2008 semi-divine beings of the Rigveda and the Atharvaveda, Ribhu, Vaja and Vibhvan, called collectively by the name of their leaderFact|date=September 2008.

They are supposed to dwell in the solar sphere, and are the artists who formed the horses of Indra, the carriage of the Ashvins, and the miraculous cow of Brihaspati; they made their parents young, and performed other wonderful works; they are supposed to take their ease and remain idle for twelve days (the twelve intercalary days of the winter solstice) every year in the house of the Sun (Agohya), after which they recommence working.Fact|date=September 2008

When the gods heard of their skill, they sent Agni to them with the one cup of their rival Tvashtar, the artificer of the gods, bidding the Ribhus construct four cups from it; when they had successfully executed this task, the gods received the Ribhus amongst themselves and allowed them to partake of their sacrifices.Fact|date=September 2008

They appear generally as accompanying Indra, especially at the evening sacrifice; in later mythology, Ribhu is a son of Brahmā.Fact|date=September 2008

Eleven hymns of the Rigveda are dedicated to them, RV 1.20, 110, 111, 161, RV 3.60, RV 4.33-37, RV 7.48.

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