In Vedic beliefs, Yamī is the first woman, along with her twin brother, Yama. The Rig Veda, in the tenth Mandala, contains a hymn in which they sing to each other. They were children of Surya, the Sun god, in his form as Vivasvat, and his wife Saranya's "shadow," Chayya. She is also known as Yamuna. Another name for Yami is "YāmīnĪ", which means 'night' in Sanskrit. She is often depicted black in colour, riding her vahana, a tortoise.

She is the Goddess of river Yamuna.The river Yamuna is also connected to the mythology surrounding the Hindu god Krishna.

In Tibetan beliefs, Yamī is a goddess of death and rules the female spirits of the underworld (Naraka). She is the consort of Yama, lord of the underworld.

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*"Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend" (ISBN 0-500-51088-1) by Anna Dhallapiccola

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