Icons (TV series)

Icons (TV series)

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first_aired = May 1, 2002
last_aired = Present
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"For other senses of this word, see icon (disambiguation). For a list of icons for use on Wikipedia, see ."

"Icons" is a documentary TV show on G4 that used to focus on significant people, companies, products, history, and milestones in world of video games. It was relaunched in 2006 and now focuses entirely on pop culture.

On May 10, 2006, it was announced that Icons was relaunching on June 3 with an episode focusing on J.J. Abrams. [http://sev.prnewswire.com/entertainment/20060510/LAW05810052006-1.html] The show will feature a broader scope on things and people "men 18-34 care about, admire and emulate." Future episodes will focus on Marc Ecko, "The Onion", and "Family Guy". This change in format had been suspected, due to the recent episodes about George A. Romero, Frank Miller and the history of the "King Kong" franchise.

The classic video game themed episodes continue to air on the network sporadically, under the new name of "Game Makers."

Many of the episodes also available on some of the video sharing sites, Youtube and Google Video.

"*" Also available on Youtube
"**" Also available on Google Video
"***" Available on Youtube and Google Video

eason One

# Oddworld Inhabitants
# Nolan Bushnell
# "Pac-Man"*
# Lara Croft
# Activision
# Shigeru Miyamoto
# "EverQuest"
# BioWare
# Will Wright
# Women in Gaming
# Insomniac Games
# Sid Meier
# Scary Games
# Richard Garriott
# Bruce Shelley
# "John Madden NFL Football"
# Stealth Games
# "The Lord of the Rings" (Vivendi Universal)

eason Two

# Atari
# Music Makers
# "Unreal"
# Yu Suzuki
# Intellivision
# "The Legend of Zelda"***
# Xbox
# Arcade***
# The History of E3**
# LucasArts
# Red Storm
# Warren Spector
# PC Gaming
# The Crash
# Games in the Military
# Naughty Dog
# "Mario"***
# "Onimusha" Halloween '03
# "Mega Man"*
# Yuji Naka
# "Final Fantasy"
# "Dungeons & Dragons"

eason Three

# Music Games*
# Sega Dreamcast***
# ESRB***
# Peter Molyneux
# "Tetris"
# Electronic Arts
# Game Boy**
# "Donkey Kong"*
# Nobuo Uematsu
# "Doom"**
# "Dead or Alive"*
# SNK***
# "Mortal Kombat"*
# "Prince of Persia"
# Mark Cuban
# "Metal Gear Solid"*
# "Half-Life"***
# Bungie**
# Apple II
# Fighting Games

eason Four

# "Gran Turismo"
# "Splinter Cell"
# Frank Miller
# Tim Schafer*
# "Star Wars" Games
# Ralph Baer
# PlayStation*
# George A. Romero
# Xbox 360
# NES*
# "King Kong"

eason Five

# J.J. Abrams
# SuicideGirls (later aired uncut on July 1)
# Marc Ecko
# Michelle Rodríguez*
# Kevin Smith
# Jamie Kennedy
# Shepard Fairey*
# The Smoking Gun
# Seth Green
# Lollapalooza
# "The Onion"
# British Music
# Sacha Baron Cohen
# Tom "Tsquared" Taylor
# Chuck "The Ice Man" Liddell
# Tony "Mad Dog" Alva
# Frank Miller
# Eli Roth

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