Topic outline of education

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Education is the process by which an individual is encouraged and enabled to develop his or her potential; it may also serve the purpose of equipping the individual with what is necessary to be a productive member of society. Through teaching and learning, the individual acquires and develops knowledge and skills. There is an important distinction between "education", which relates to a transactive process between a teacher and student, and "learning", which is a process that happens internally for a student.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to education:

Essence of education

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* College
* Homework
* Learning
* Library
* School
* Student
* Study skills
* Teacher
* University

Branches of education

Education by level

* Preschool education
* Primary education
* Secondary education
* Higher education
* Autodidacticism

Education by sector

* Academia
* Adult education
* Alternative education
* Public education
* Private education

Education by specialization or department

* Agricultural education
* Art education
* Business education
* Chemistry education
* Distance education
* Gifted education
* Legal education
* Mathematics education
* Medical education
* Music education
* Physics education
* Religious education
* Science education
* Special education
* Sex education
* Vocational education

Academic disciplines

Education by region

Degrees and certifications in the field of education

* Bachelor of Education
* Master of Education
* Doctor of Education

History of education

: "Main article: History of education"

* History of academia
* Classical education
* History of education in China
* History of education in India
* History of education in Japan
* History of education in the United States
* Popular education

Types of schools

Basic education concepts

* Adult education
* Alternative education
* Behavior modification
* Board of education
* Book
* Collaborative learning
* College
* Comparative education
* Compulsory education
* Continuing education
* Curriculum
* Democratic school
* Department of Education
* Developmental Education
* e-learning
* Educational animation
* Educational philosophies
* Educational psychology
* Educational technology
* Efficient learning method
* Experiential education
* Free education
* Glossary of education-related terms
* Grade (education)
* Homework
* Humanistic education
* Instructional technology
* Language education
* Learning
* Learning 2.0
* Learning by teaching (LdL)
* Learning community
* Library
* Lifelong education
* List of educators
* Medical education
* Online learning community
* Over-education
* Progressive education
* Remedial Education
* School
* Single-sex education
* Socialization
* Student
* Study skills
* Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Bloom's Taxonomy)
* Teacher
* Tertiary education
* University
* Vocational education

Education scholars and leaders in education

* John Taylor Gatto

Education lists

: "Main article: Glossary of education-related terms and List of education topics"

* List of education articles by country
* List of educators
* List of schools
* Lists of universities and colleges

External links

* [ international review of curriculum and assessment framework] a very useful website that provides information about many countries in developed world about their education system.
* [ "Educate a Woman, You Educate a Nation" - South Africa Aims to Improve its Education for Girls] WNN - Women News Network. August 28, 2007. Lys Anzia
* [ World Bank Education]
* [ UNESCO - International Institute for Educational Planning]
* [ UNESCO IBE Database: Information on almost every education system in the world]
* [ UNESCO Institute for Statistics: International comparable statistics on education systems]
* [ Wikipedia Education category tree]
* [ WikEd] is a Wiki set up specificially for educators and education research.
* [ The Encyclopedia of Informal Education]
* [ The Theory Into Practice Database]
* [ Education politics] at Wikia
* [ The Literacy Council Citizen Advocates for Quality Education]

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