In periodization, epoch can refer to:

* Epoch (reference date) - A defining moment in the beginning of, or characteristic of, a distinctive historical period or era.
* On the geologic time scale, a span of time smaller than a "period" and larger than an "age".
* A phase in the development of the universe with distinctive properties during the the Big Bang.
*Epoch (astronomy) - a precise moment in time for which celestial coordinates or orbital elements are specified by international agreement, usually periodically reset to centennial and half-century dates. All other orbits calculations near or after the astronomical epoch are based on the epoch date.
* Many computer operating systems maintain system time based on some starting time called the epoch. For example, Unix and POSIX systems count time as seconds since January 1 1970. See Unix time.

Proper noun

*Epoch (magazine), the literary magazine of Cornell University.
*Ha-Tsefirah (lit. Epoch), a Hebrew language newspaper published in 1862 and 1874-1931.
*Epoch (film), a science fiction film directed by Matt Codd
*Epoch Game Pocket Computer, an early hand-held game console
*Epoch Co., the maker of the above and other computer games
*Epoch (Chrono Trigger), a flying time machine in role-playing game "Chrono Trigger"
*Epoch (DC Comics), a supervillain also known as the Lord of Time
*Epoch (Marvel Comics), a cosmic entity in the Marvel Comics universe.
*Epoch Hunter, a boss in World of Warcraft's Caverns of Time; Old Hillsbrad Foothills.
*The Epoch Times, a privately owned Falun Gong-linked newspaper
*Epoch Javascript Calendar is an open source, GPL calendar component for use in web pages written in JavaScript.
*Epoch operating system was a European research project in the 1990s to build an operating system based on the ChorusOS operating system kernel.


* A step in the training process of an artificial neural network

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