eV may mean:
* Electronvolt, a unit of energy

e. V. may mean:
* "Eingetragener Verein", a registered club in Germany

EV may mean:
* Estonia's official name is Eesti Vabariik
* Eevee, a species of pokémon
* Atlantic Southeast Airlines, IATA airline designator
* In Earned Value Management, Earned Value is a project management metric
* Eaton Vance, stock symbol for a company dealing in financial products
* Eddie Vedder, frontman for the band Pearl Jam
* In the Pokémon video game franchise, Effort Value, is a mechanic.
* In the U.S. Electoral College, an Electoral Vote
* Electric Violin
* Electric vehicle, a vehicle using an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine
* Electro-Voice, a United States manufacturer of speakers, amplifiers, microphones and other audio equipment
* Embedded value, a means to calculate the present value of all future surpluses of a life insurance company
* Enterprise value, a term used in valuation of companies and investments
* Equivalent variation, or "extortionary variation", the an economic term relating the amount of money one could extort from another for averting a price change.
* "Era vulgaris", the Latin translation of Common Era (CE)
* Escape velocity, the minimum velocity needed to escape the gravitational field of a planet or other body
* Escape Velocity (band), a United States alternative rock band
* Escape Velocity (computer game), a role-playing computer game
* European Vibe Magazine, a monthly lifestyle magazine for the international English-speaking community in Madrid, Spain
* Evolution Data Optimized, a wireless broadband standard which is abbreviated as “EV” on cellphone status bars
* EV1 A General Motors electric vehicle
* Exavolt, an SI unit of electromotive force
* Expected value, a basic concept in the mathematical field of probability
* Exxon Valdez, an oil tanker that dumped oil into Prince William Sound.
* Exposure value, a combination of shutter speed and aperture in photography
* Extended Validation Certificate, a type of X.509 Certificate used in securing computer communications, e.g. SSL

Ev may mean:
* The Land of Ev, a fairy country which appears in the book "Ozma of Oz".
* The band Halloween, Alaska once included Ev Olcott.
*Evanescence, an alternative rock band.

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