Angels and Demons at Play

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"Angels and Demons at Play" is an album by Sun Ra.

The 1967 Saturn catalog shows an abstract squiggle cover; there are also Chicago Saturn copies with a blank gold cover and possibly covers with a yellow label.


*Saturn SR 9956-2-0/P (between 1963 and 1967)
*Saturn LP 407
*Impulse AS 9245 (1974)
*Evidence (CD, 1993)

Track listing and further information

Side A
#"Tiny Pyramids" (Ronald Boykins) - 3:40
#*Phil Cohran-muted tp; Nate Pryor-muted tb; Marshall Allen-fl; John Gilmore-cl; Ra-p; Ronnie Boykins-b; Jon Hardy-d with mallets; other Arkestrans, perc. Hall Recording Co., Chicago, late 1960.
#*Phil Cohran says that he is playing on this piece and identified the venue.
#"Between Two Worlds" (Ra) - 2:00
#*Bo Bailey-tb; John Gilmore-ts; Marshall Allen-as; Ra-p; Boykins-b (arco all the way); Robert Barry or Jon Hardy-d with mallets; unidentified-wood blocks. Chicago, probably 1960.
#*The trombonist is a fluent bop player. Cohran was not present when this was made but agrees that it is not Nate Pryor. Since Julian Priester wasn't around, it might be his teacher, Bo Bailey.
#"Music from the World Tomorrow" (Ra) - 2:23
#*Ra-org; Ronnie Boykins-b (arco again); Phil Cohran-zither; Jon Hardy- d. Rehearsal, Chicago, 1960.
#*Same sonorities as Interplanetary Music on We Travel the Spaceways, but without the vocal. Same organ, too; I'm not sure what it is, but it definitely ain't a Hammond. Gilmore says it's Phil Cohran on zither; Cohran says it was also called a violin/uke because you could bow it and pluck it, and that he bought it on 1/22/60. Cohran's "space harp" was an African thumb piano he built (not used on any of the Saturns). Sound is not good enough for it to be a studio recording.
#"Angels and Demons at Play" (Ronald Boykins) - 2:54
#*Marshall Allen-fl; Phil Cohran-zither; Ronnie Boykins-b; unidentified-wood blocks (indeterminate pops, as on It's Christmastime); John Gilmore- solar bells.
#*If Ra is playing on this, he's contributing in the percussion department. Saturn attributes this piece to Ra; Gilmore says it was written by Boykins. Cohran says it was recorded at Hall Recording Co. late in 1960.
Side B
#"Urnack" (Julian Priester) - 3:50
#*Art Hoyle-tp; Julian Priester-tb; John Gilmore-ts; Pat Patrick-bs; Charles Davis-bs (solo); Ra-p; Wilburn Green-eb; Robert Barry-d.
#"Medicine for a Nightmare" (Ra) - 2:20
#*Art Hoyle-tp; Julian Priester-tb; John Gilmore-ts; Pat Patrick-bs (solo); Charles Davis-bs; Ra-p, Wurlitzer ep; Wilburn Green-eb; Robert Barry-d; Jim Herndon-tympani.
#"A Call for All Demons" (Ra) - 4:16
#*Art Hoyle-tp; Julian Priester-tb; John Gilmore-ts; Pat Patrick-bs; Ra-p, Wurlitzer ep; Wilburn Green-eb; Robert Barry-d; Jim Herndon-tympani.
#"Demon's Lullaby" (Ra) - 2:39
#*Art Hoyle-tp; Julian Priester-tb; Pat Patrick-as, bs; John Gilmore-ts; Ra-p; Wilburn Green-eb, Barry, d. All of Side B from RCA Studios, Chicago, early 1956.
#*Hoyle says that this was the old RCA Studios near Navy Pier. Victor Sproles is credited by Impulse, but he's not on Side B and is an unlikely candidate for Side A (where there's a lot of arco bass and/or composition credits for Boykins).



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