Exeter (disambiguation)

Exeter is the county town of Devon. It may also refer to:

Place names

*Exeter, New South Wales
*Exeter, South Australia
*Exeter, Tasmania

*Exeter, Ontario

;United Kingdom
*Exeter, Devon—the original location
**The University of Exeter

;United States of America
*Exeter, California
*Exeter, Illinois
*Exeter, Maine
*Exeter Township, Michigan
*Exeter, Missouri
*Exeter, Nebraska
*Exeter, New Hampshire
**Phillips Exeter Academy, an independent secondary school
**The Exeter incident, a 1965 UFO case
*Exeter, New York
*Exeter, Pennsylvania
*Exeter, Rhode Island
*Exeter, Wisconsin
*three different places called Exeter Township, Pennsylvania:
**Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
**Exeter Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
**Exeter Township, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania

Other uses

*Exeter College, Oxford, England
*HMS "Exeter", any of several Royal Navy ships
*The Duke of Exeter
*The Earl of Exeter
*The Marquess of Exeter
*The Exeter Book, an Old English codex

In fiction

*The USS "Exeter", a starship appearing in the "Star Trek" episode "The Omega Glory" and in the spinoff "Starship Exeter"
*Exeter (Scion), a fictional bounty hunter in the CrossGen Sigilverse

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