List of zombie films

This is a list of zombie films featuring zombies. This list does not include ghosts, mummies, or vampires.__TOC__

hort films

*"06 Tiros, 60Ml" [imdb title|1006811|06 Tiros, 60Ml] (2005)
*"Attack of the Desert Cannibals"imdb title|0236047|Attack of the Desert Cannibals] (2007)
*"The Braindead" [imdb title|0370367|The Braindead] (2001)
*"Canadian Zombie" [imdb title|0463392|Canadian Zombie] (2002)
*"Cafri-Zombies"imdb title|0236047|Cafri-Zombies]
*"Danger! 50,000 Zombies!" [imdb title|0462673|Danger! 50,000 Zombies!] (2004)
*"Dawn of the Friend" [imdb title|0422070|Dawn of the Friend] (2004)
*"The Deadening" (2007)
*"Eat the Parents" [imdb title|1131589|Eat the Parents] (2007)
*"Enter the Zombie" [imdb title|0839798|Enter the Zombie] (2006)
*"Evil Night" [imdb title|0389990|Evil Night] (2002)
*"Gay Zombie" [imdb title|1054488|Gay Zombie] (2007)
*"Homecoming" (2005)
*"I Am Zombie Man" [imdb title|1082844|I Am Zombie Man] (2007)
*"Night of the Hungry Dead" [imdb title|0431943|Night of the Hungry Dead] (2004)
*"Night of the Living" [imdb title|0195947|Night of the Living] (1997)
*"Night Off of the Living Dead" [imdb title|0825324|Night Off of the Living Dead] (2004)
*"Not Quite Dead" [imdb title|1073226|Not Quite Dead] (2007)
*"Reign of the Dead" [imdb title|0358668|Reign of the Dead] (2000)
*"Remains" [imdb title|0829479|Remains] (2006)
*"Rock Zombie" [imdb title|1132183|Rock Zombie] (2007)
*"Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day" [imdb title|0464203|Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day] (2005)
*"Split" [imdb title|0862466|Split] (2006)
*"Striker Bob" [imdb title|0204653|Striker Bob] (1997)
*"Thriller" (1983)
*"Undead Ted" [imdb title|1006971|Undead Ted] (2007)
*"When Zombies Attack!!" [imdb title|0401883|When Zombies Attack!!] (2001)
*"Winter of the Dead" [imdb title|0477748|Winter of the Dead] (2005)
*"WMA News Show"imdb title|0236047|wma news] (2006)
*"Zombi 1" [imdb title|0231000|Zombi 1] (1995)
*"Zombie American [{] (2005)
*"A Zombie Ate My Brain" [imdb title|0819937|A Zombie Ate My Brain] (2006)
*"Zombie Jesus!" [imdb title|1132468|Zombie Jesus!] (2007)
*"Zombie Love" [imdb title|1010342|Zombie Love] (2007)
*"Zombie Rights!" [imdb title|0437684|Zombie Rights!] (2003)
*"ZombieWestern: It Came from the West" [imdb title|1117542|ZombieWestern: It Came from the West] (2007)
*"Zombie(zero)" [imdb title|0432227|Zombie(zero)] (2001)
*"Zombiez!!" [imdb title|1193538|Zombiez!!] (2007)
*"& Teller" [{}] (2008)
*"& Teller 2" [{}] (2008)


* "South Park"
**"Pink Eye"
**"Night of the Living Homeless"
* "The Simpsons"
** "Treehouse of Horror III"
** "Treehouse of Horror XIII"

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