List of composers influenced by the Holocaust

List of composers influenced by the Holocaust

This is a list of composers who have written music about the Holocaust, or who were directly influenced by the holocaust. This list is alphabetical by name.



*Dawid Ajzensztadt (1890–1942)
*Chava Alberstein
*David Amram (1930- ) [ [ The Final Ingredient] The New York Times, Monday, April 12, 1965 (Retrieved on 7 December, 2007)] [ [ Timeless music (a review of The Final Ingredient: An Opera of the Holocaust in One Act.)] The Chronicle (Kansas City, KS), March, 1997 (Retrieved on 7 December, 2007)]


*Dawid Beigelman (1887-1945)
*Karel Berman [ Music in response to the Holocaust] (Retrieve July 7, 2007)]
*Thomas Beveridge
*Riva Boyarsky


*John Cage (1912–1992) ["In the Name of the Holocaust" (1942) [] ]


*Charles Davidson
*Vladimir Durmashkin


*Hanns Eisler (1898–1962) [ [ Hanns Eisler] Hanns Eisler Project (Retrieved July 16, 2007)]


*Valetin Feigin
*Bernarov Feuer
*Erich Frost [ [ Stand Fast (Fest steht)] United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Music of the Holocaust: Highlights from the Collection (Retrieved on 30 July, 2007)]


*Mordechai Gebirtig (1877-1942) ["Mordechai Gebirtig His Poetic and Musical Legacy" by Gertrude Schneider. Praeger Publishers ISBN 0-275-96657-7] [ [ Our Town Is Burning] United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Music of the Holocaust: Highlights from the Collection (Retrieved on 30 July, 2007)]
*Israel Glatstein
*Sylvia Glickman ( -2006) [ "The Walls Are Quiet Now" Albany Records (2001)]
*Hirsh Glik
*Osvaldo Golijov (1960- ) [ [ Holocaust - A Music Memorial Film from Auschwitz] Golijov homepage (Retrieved on 16 July, 2007)]
*Henryk Górecki (1933- ) [Kertesz, Imre. " [ Górecki's Symphony no.3, 'Symphony of Sorrowful Songs'] ". "Le Chercheur de traces". Retrieved on 16 July, 2007.] [Han-Leon, Chia. " [ Symphony No.3, op.36 (1976)] ". "The Flying Inkpot", 09 December, 1999. Retrieved on 16 July, 2007.]


*Pavel Haas (1899-1944) [ [ Pavel HAAS - Czech Composer] Czech Music Information Centre (Retrieve July 17, 2007)]
*Michael Horvit
*William B. Hoskins (1917-1997) [ [] American composer, pacifist, conscientious objector in WWII, wrote 8-movement "Requiem for the Six Million" in 1960s. Performed by chorus from local synagogue and Unitarian congregation with brass, percussion, organ and piano, Jacksonville, Florida USA, 1965. Text by Charles White McGehee, Unitarian minister.]



*Wilfred Joseph


*Peysakh Kaplan [ [ Rivkele di shabesdike] Music during the Holocaust (Retrieved 28 October 2007)]
*George Katz
*Gideon Klein (1919-1945) [ [ Gideon Klein - Czech Composer] Czech Music Information Centre (Retrieved Juli 17, 2007]
*Douglas Knehans [ [] Oregon Literary Review]
*Hans Krása (1899-1944) [ [ Hans Krasa - Czech Composer] Czech Music Information Centre (Retrieved Juli 17, 2007]
*Józef Koffler
*Yankl Krimski
*Jozef Kropinski [ [ Jozef Kropinski] Music during the Holocaust (Retrieved 28 October 2007)]
*Meyer Kupferman (1926 – 2003)
*Max Kowalski (1882-1956)


*Szymon Laks [ [ Szymon Laks] Music during the Holocaust (Retrieved 28 October 2007)]
*Ruth Lomon ["SONGS OF REMEMBRANCE (1996)Song cycle on poems of the Holocaust; soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass-baritone, piano, oboe and oboe d'amore. [] Oratorio: Testimony of Witnesses " [] [] ]
*Aron Liebeskind [ [ Aron Liebeskind] Music during the Holocaust (Retrieved 28 October 2007)]


*Donald McCullough
*Joachim Mendelson
*Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) [Rischin, Rebecca (2003). For the end of time : the story of the Messiaen quartet. Cornell University Press. ISBN 0-8014-4136-6.]
*Oskar Morawetz


*Lior Navok, []
*Luigi Nono [ [ Luigi Nono’s "Ricorda cosa ti hanno fatto ad Auschwitz"] Penn State School of Music (Retrieved 8 July, 2008)]


*Tera de Marez Oyens


*Thomas Pasatieri ( -1945) [ [ Letter to Warsaw] Thomas Pasatieri homepage (Retrieve July 17, 2007)]
*Krzysztof Penderecki (1933- ) [ [ Soli, Choir and Ensemble or Orchestra works] Penderecki homepagem (Retrieve May 24, 2007)]
*Dmitri Pokrass
*Yehuda Poliker
*Marta Ptaszynska ["Holocaust Memorial Cantata" (1992) [] ]



*Steve Reich
*Shulamit Ran ["The Muse that Sings: Composers Speak about the Creative Process" by Ann McCutchan (1999) ISBN 0195127072]
*Martin Rosenberg
*Leyb Rozental
*Bayse Rubin

*Salem (band)
*Simon Sargon
*Arnold Schoenberg
*Erwin Schulhoff [ [ Erwin Schulhoff] (Retrieve July 7, 2007)]
*William Schuman
*Francis Schwartz
*Ronald Senator
*Ruben Seroussi
*Nochem Shternheim
*Dmitri Shostakovich
*Adam Silverman [ [ Korczak’s Orphans] Adam Silverman (Retrieved 11 January 2008)]
*Leo Smit [ [ Biography Leo Smit] (Retrieved 29 October 2007)]
*Ben Steinberg
*Karlheinz Stockhausen ["Stockhausen: A Biography" by Kurtz, Michael. 1992, translated by Richard Toop. London and Boston: Faber and Faber. ISBN 0571143237]
*Karel Svenk [ [ Karel Svenk] Classical Composers (S) (Retrieved 28 January 2008)]
*Izrael Szajewicz
*Władysław Szpilman ["The Pianist: The Extraordinary True Story of One Man’s Survival in Warsaw, 1939–1945" by Władysław Szpilman, Foreword Andrzej Szpilman (2002) ISBN 0312311354]


*Carlo Taube [ [ "Ein Judische Kind"] Music of remembrance (Retrieved 28 October 2007)]
*Sir Michael Tippet [ [ A Child of Our Time.] Michael Tippett’s web site (Retrieve July 15, 2007)]
*Mikis Theodorakis
*Marcel Tyberg


*Viktor Ullmann [ [ Biography] Viktor Ullmann Foundation (Retrieved July 15, 2007)]


*Misha Veksler


*Ilse Weber [ [ “I Wander Through Theresienstadt”] Music of remembrance (Retrieved 28 October 2007)]
*Lazar Weiner
*K. Kheytin-Weinstein



*Leyb Yampolski


*Herbert Zipper [ [ Dachau Lied] (Retrieve July 7, 2007)] [ [ Herbert Zipper] Music during the Holocaust (Retrieved 28 October 2007)]
*Krystyna Zywulska [ [ Krystyna Zywulska] Music during the Holocaust (Retrieved 28 October 2007)]


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