Abid (Arabic: عابد )

* Abid Ali (born 1941), all-rounder Indian cricketer
* Abid Ali Abid (1906-1971), Urdu and Persian critic and poet
* Abid Ali Kazi (21st century), cricket statistician and historian
* Abid Hamid Mahmud (21st century), Iraqi military officer
* Abid Hasan (died 1984), officer of the Indian National Army
* Abid Hussain (21st century), Indian economist
* Abid Mutlak al-Jubouri (21st century), Iraqi politician
* Abid Nabi (born 1985), Indian first class cricketer
* Abid Raja (born 1975), [Pakistani Norwegian politician
* Abid Raza (born 1981), Guantanamo Bay detainee
* Abid Tamimi (21st century), Punjabi language poet
* Abid Ullah Jan (21st century), prolific writer
* Kalbe Abid (died 1986), mujtahid
* Kazi Asad Abid (21st century), chairman and CEO of The Daily Ibrat newspaper
* Ramzi Abid (born 1980), professional ice hockey player

ee also

* Abida
* Abidi

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