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Economy can refer to:

* Economy, the human activity that consists in producing, exchanging, distributing, and consuming goods and services, studied by economics and realised inside an economic system. Ex : the economy of a country
* "Economy", the quality of being efficient or frugal in using resources; see "energy conservation"
* World economy, the economy of the world
* Economy (Eastern Orthodoxy), a bishop's discretionary power to relax rules
* Economy (Thoreau), a chapter from "Walden", by Henry David Thoreau
* Economy class, a class of seating in airline travel
* The envisaged future low-carbon economy
* "Jazz ist anders (Economy)", "Economy"-version of Die Ärzte's album "Jazz ist anders"

* Economy, Indiana, United States
* Economy, Pennsylvania, United States
* Economy Historic District, Pennsylvania, United States
* Economy, Nova Scotia, an unincorporated community of about 200 in Maritime Canada

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