Triumph Toledo

Triumph Toledo

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name = Triumph Toledo
manufacturer = British Leyland
production = 1970-1976
113,294 1300 cc made
5,888 1500 cc made
body_style = 2 door saloon
4 door saloon
related =
transmission = 4 speed manual
predecessor = Triumph 1300
successor = Triumph Dolomite
engine = 1296/1493 cc Straight-4
length = 156 inches (3970 mm)cite book |last=Olyslager |first=P. |authorlink= |coauthors= |title=Observer Book of Automobiles |year=1975 |publisher=Frederick Warne |location=London |id=ISBN 0-7232-1545-6]
wheelbase = 97 inches (2460 mm)
width = 62 inches (1570 mm)
height = 54 inches (1370 mm)
weight = 1960 pounds (889 kg)
The Triumph Toledo was a compact car introduced in August 1970 as a cheaper version of the Triumph 1300, which was at the same time replaced by the Triumph 1500. The Toledo shared the 1500’s new front with a split grille, but instead of the 1500’s twin round headlamps, it had single rectangular units set in a grey plastic grille. The rear end was like the 1300 except for the tail lights, which were of a simpler, flat-faced design.

Initially, the Toledo was only available as a two-door saloon with the 1300 engine of 58 bhp (43 kW) net, but 4-door export versions with a 1500 engine in single and twin carburettor "TC" form with 61 and 64 bhp (45 and 48 kW) net, respectively soon appeared. From August 1971 the four-door model was also available on the home market.

The biggest change from the 1300 was the retrograde step to rear-wheel drive and live rear axle (still with coil springs), in the interest of simplicity and low production costs. The interior was also cheaper, with wood confined to a dashboard consisting of a simple plank with holes drilled for the quite basic instrumentation but the interior was a cut above most other small cars at a time when black plastic was all the rage.

The Toledo went through some minor styling developments, such as wrap-round rear bumpers for 1973 and black grille with grey horizontal ribs in 1974. In March 1975 the two-door version was dropped, before the model was finally replaced by the Dolomite 1300 and 1500 in March 1976. Total production was 119,182 cars.

"Complete, knocked down" kits from Triumph were still being assembled by the New Zealand Motor Corporation in 1977 for the New Zealand market and registered as late as 1978. These final Toledos had some of the refinements of post-1976 Dolomites, including a silver-coloured grille and rubber strips along the side of the car. However, they retained the shorter Toledo shell.

Technical updates were as few as the cosmetic ones. In October 1971 the compression was raised from 8.5:1 to 9:1 for the 1500, raising power from 61 to 64 (45 and 48 kW) net. In October 1972 the previously optional front disc brakes became standard, and in March 1975 the TC also received the higher compression and now boasted Auto bhp|71|0.

Performance was middle-of the-road, top speed being around 135–145 km/h (despite the speedometer on the 1500s being far more optimistic), acceleration 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) was 17.1 s (1300) to 13.6 s (TC).

Triumph developed a Toledo "TS" 2 door in 1973. It featured a 1500 cc twin carburettor engine. It was never put into production.


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