GE Honda Aero Engines

GE Honda Aero Engines

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company_name = GE Honda Aero Engines
company_type = Joint Venture
foundation = 2004
location =
key_people = William J. Dwyer, President
Atsukuni Waragai, Executive Vice President
industry = Aerospace
products = Aircraft engines
parent = GE Aviation (50%)
[ Honda Aero, Inc] (50%)
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GE Honda Aero Engines LLC (or GE Honda) is a Cincinnati, Ohio based joint venture between GE-Aviation and [ Honda Aero, Inc] . GE Honda is headed by Bill Dwyer of GE Aviation and Atsukuni Waragai of Honda Aero. Formed in 2004, the company plans to create jet engines in the 1,000 - 3,500 lbf thrust class, suitable for the business aviation industry. [ [ GE Honda Company Info] GE Honda Website]


The GE Honda joint venture was formed in October 2004, with the intention of combining the propulsion technology and innovation of General Electric, the world's leading jet engine producer, and Honda, the world's largest engine manufacturer.


* HF120 - The HF120 turbofan is the first engine to be produced by GE Honda Aero Engines. The HF120 is currently undergoing an extensive testing program, with formal certification testing scheduled to begin in late 2008. [ [ Engine Prototyping prepares GE Honda Aero Engines for certification tests] GE Aviation Press Release, 7/28/2008] The engine has a wide-chord swept fan, two-stage low-pressure compressor and counter rotating high-pressure compressor based on a titanium impeller. [ [ GE Honda Aero Engines Company Profile] Flight International] Evolved from Honda's HF118, the engine demonstrates a 2,050 lbf takeoff thrust. [ [ HF120 Performance Specifications] GE Honda website] The engine touts environmental performance, striving to meet and exceed future environmental standards for business jet engines. Greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions are two of the results of the engine's lightweight design. [ [ HF120 Environmental Performance] ]

The launch customers for the HF120 include:
** Honda Aircraft's HondaJet (HA-420 HondaJet)
** Spectrum Aeronautical's Freedom (Spectrum S-40 Freedom)Both aircraft are expected to enter service in 2010.


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