Buchs, Aargau

Buchs, Aargau

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Buchs is a municipality in the district of Aarau of the canton of Aargau in Switzerland.

It is located near the river Suhre and borders with the municipalities of Aarau, Rohr, Rupperswil and Suhr. The municipality is accessed by the A1 motorway via the Aarau-Ost exit.


The center of the village is located at the river Suhre, which joins the river Aare two kilometers farther north. The older populated areas are the "Oberdorf" west of, and the "Ausserdorf" east of, the river; this is surrounded by the newer areas. The area of Buchs lies in the plains of the Suhre, the eastern part is covered by the "Suretwald" forest.

The area of the municipality is 5.36 km2, whereof 2.46 km2 are covered by forest, and 2.15 km2 are populated area. The highest elevation, 394 meters, is located at the south-west border in the "Steinfeld" area, the lowest elevation, 371 meters, is located where the Suhre leaves the area of Buchs in the north.



* 1810: 735
* 1850: 937
* 1900: 1,592
* 1920: 2,231
* 1930: 2,720
* 1941: 3,255
* 1950: 3,899
* 1960: 5,734
* 1970: 6,742
* 1980: 6,029
* 1990: 5,900
* 2000: 6,175


On December 31st, 2007, Buchs had 6283 inhabitants, whereof 68.9 % are Swiss citizens. [ [http://www.ag.ch/staag/medien/pm2008_01.pdf Bevölkerungsstatistik 2. Halbjahr 2007] - Statistisches Amt des Kantons Aargau] According to the December 2000 census, 39.4 % are Protestant, 32.9 % Roman Catholic, 8.1 % Muslim, 4.4 % Orthodox Christian and 1.0 % others. 80.3 % had German as their main language, 6.0 % Italian, 4.3 % Serbo-Croatian, 2.6 % Turkish, 1.2 % Spanish, 0.7 % Albanian, 0.6 % French, 0.5 % Portuguese. [ [http://www.ag.ch/staag/gemeinden/GemPages/4003.html Gemeindeporträt] - Statistisches Amt des Kantons Aargau]



In place of a village meeting (Gemeindeversammlung), a citizen assembly (Einwohnerrat) of 40 members is elected by the citizens, and follows the policy of proportional representation. It is responsible for approving tax levels, preparing the annual account, and the business report. In addition, it can issue regulations. The term of office is four years. In the last two elections the parties had the following representation:

At the district level, some elements of the government remain a direct democracy. There are optional and obligatory referendums, and the population retains the right to establish an initiative.


The executive authority is the municipal council (Gemeinderat). The term of office is four years, and its members are elected by a plurality voting system. It leads and represents the municipality. It carries out the resolutions of the assembly, and those requested by the canton and national level governments.

The five members (and their party) for the period 2006-2009 are:
* Heinz Baur (FDP), President (Gemeindeammann)
* Hansruedi Werder (Jungliberale Bewegung), Vice President
* Urs Affolter (FDP)
* Barbara Keusch (CVP)
* Jörg Kissling (SP)


Buchs offers approximately 4100 jobs, whereof 1 % in agriculture, 48 % industry and 51 % services. [ [http://www.ag.ch/staag/daten/BZ2005/index.html Betriebszählung 2005] - Statistisches Amt des Kantons Aargau] The industrial areas are mainly located near the railway line in the north, and in the "Wynenfeld" in the south-eastern part. The largest employers are the Chocolat Frey AG, the Jowa bakery and the Mibelle AG cosmetics manufacturer, all of them belonging to Switzerland's largest retailer Migros. The waste incineration plant KVA (Kehricht-Verbrennungs-Anlage) Buchs incinerates the waste of 82 municipalities.


A bus line of the Aarau town bus company AAR bus+bahn connects Buchs to Aarau.

In 1877 the railway company Schweizerische Nationalbahn opened a standard gauge branch line from Aarau via Buchs to Suhr, connecting it with their main line Singen - Winterthur - Wettingen - Lenzburg - Zofingen. It was later taken over by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). The Aarau-Buchs-Suhr branch was closed down in 2004. It is currently being replaced by a narrow gauge railway line of the Wynental branch of AAR bus+bahn.

By car, Buchs is accessed by the A1 motorway via the Aarau-Ost exit.


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