Edumed Institute for Education in Medicine and Health

Edumed Institute for Education in Medicine and Health

The Edumed Institute for Education in Medicine and Health is an international research and development and education non-profit organization based in Campinas, state of São Paulo, Brazil.

The Edumed Institute was founded in June 2000 by a group of university professors, researchers and technologists from the State University of Campinas and other Brazilian universities, under the leadership of Renato M.E. Sabbatini and Silvia Helena Cardoso, respectively President and Vice-President of the Board.


The Institute carries out a number of R&D activities in the following areas.

* medical informatics (computer applications in medicine and biology), and telemedicine, through its International Center for Information and Telecommunication Technologies in Health (CITICS)
* distance education using the Internet, WWW, videoconferencing and satellites
* Wireless broadband Internet technologies for social applications
* Interactive digital television and IP TV applications in education, health and government (e-health, e-government)
* Mobile telephony applications, its implications for health
* Electronic publishing and Internet applications in health and education.


The Institute's headquarters in Campinas are well equipped with a number of high-tech resources, such as a videoconferencing center, digital TV studio, computer labs, non-linear video editing, etc. It has high speed connections to the National Research and Education Network (RNP), the Comsat satellite hub, the Embratel satellite hub, ISDN and IP lines, etc.

Collaborative activities

An inter-university consortium, the National Network for Distance Education in Medicine and Health ( has been established and is coordinated by the Institute, with the aim of producing content and standardizing technologies for providing on-line courses, interactive digital TV, etc. for the area. Some of the members of the consortium are:

* Federal University of Amazonas
* Federal University of Ceará
* Federal University of Pernambuco
* Federal University of Goiás
* Federal University of Santa Catarina
* Pontificial Catholic University of Paraná
* Instituto Materno-Infantil de Pernambuco
* Centro Infantil Domingos A. Boldrini
* Public Health School of Ceará
* Family Health School of Sobral
* Associação Nacional de Medicina do Trabalho
* Sociedade Brasileira de Oncologia Pediátrica
* Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia de Cabeça e Pescoço

The Institute has collaborated with a number of educational and health care institutions to help them adopt information technology, such as:
* Universidade Bandeirante de São Paulo
* Anhangüera Educacional S.A.
* Hospital Professor Edmundo Vasconcelos

The Institute collaborates also with several national and international high-tech companies in order to develop applications for state-of-the-art technologies:

* Motorola, wireless broadband access and 3G mobile telephony
* Aethra, videoconferencing
* VCON, videoconferencing
* Embratel and StarOne, land and satellite broadband networks
* Diveo, wireless networking
* Card Guard, telehealth
* TES Systems, videoconferencing
* Comsat, satellite networking and digital TV
* Next Sistemas (medical informatics)
* Comversys, e-government
* IBM, distance education

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