Alice mobile robot

Alice mobile robot

The Alice is a very small "sugarcube" mobile robot (2x2x2cm) developed at the ASL at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland between 1998 and 2004.

It was designed with the following goals:
* Design an intelligent mobile robot as cheap and small as possible
* Study collective behavior with a large quantity of robots
* Acquire knowledge in highly integrated intelligent system
* Provide a hardware platform for further research

Technical Specifications

Main Features

* Dimensions: 22 mm x 21 mm x 20 mm
* Velocity: 40 mm/s
* Power consumption: 12 - 17 mW
* Communication: local IR 6 cm, IR & radio 10 m
* Power autonomy: up to 10 hours

Main Robot

* 2 SWATCH motors with wheels and tires
* Microcontroller PIC16LF877 with 8Kwords Flash program memory
* Plastic frame and flex print with all the elecronic components
* 4 active IR proximity sensors (reflection measurement)
* NiMH rechargeable battery
* Receiver for remote control
* 24 pin connector for extension, voltage regulator and power switch

Extension modules

* Linear camera 102 pixels
* Bidirectional radio communication
* Tactile sensors
* ZigBee ready radio module running TinyOS

Projects and applications

* 20 robots at Swiss Expo.02
* RobOnWeb
* Navigation and map building
* Soccer Kit : 2 teams of 3 Alices play socceron an A4 page
* Collective behavior investigations: 1 and 2
* Mixed society robots-insects as part of the European LEURRE project
* Investigation of levels of selection and relatedness on the evolution of cooperation in the ANTS project

External links

* [] - The homepage of the Alice microrobot at the Autonomous Systems Lab at EPFL
* [] - Autonomous Systems Lab at EPFL
* [] - Collaborative Coverage with up to 30 Alices
* [] - ZigBee ready radio module running TinyOS


* Caprari, G. Autonomous Micro-Robots: Applications and Limitations. PhD Thesis EPFL n° 2753 [ PDF] [ Abstract]

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