Hink-pink or hinky-pinky is a word game that consists of a question or clue with an answer that is two words that rhyme. If the answer is two single syllable words, it is a "hink-pink"; an answer of two words of two syllables each is a "hinky-pinky"; and if the answer is two three syllable words is a "hinkety-pinkety".

Some examples:

Hink-pinkclue - rodent dwellinganswer - mouse house

clue - "a close mammal",answer - "a near deer".

Hinky-pinkyclue - "A preserved ancient Egyptian ruler who has eaten crackers in bed", answer - "crummy mummy".

clue - "A bird that eats an orange vegetable", answer - "carrot parrot"

Hinkety-pinketyquestion - "If a certain famous female Southern writer owned a canning plant, what would it be called?", answer - the "Flannery cannery" (after Flannery O'Connor.)

clue - "The White House",answer - "president's residence"

clue - "believable food",answer - "credible edible"

clue - "car tour",answer - "Ferrari Safari"

A 3-word hinky-pinky, or hinky-tinky-pinky is:

"A cowardly corax expert": hinky-tinky-pinky would be answered: "craven raven maven".

Quadruple hink-pinks are so rare as to be almost unheard of, though there is an actual document that uses both a four-syllable word and a five-syllable word which almost fits the bill: the Emancipation Proclamation though a purist might say it doesn't quite rhyme...

An example of a true 'quadruple "hinky"', or hinketyplow-pinketyplow, is: clue - "Immobile Notepaper",answer - "stationary stationery"

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