Will D. Cobb

Will D. Cobb

Will D. Cobb (born July 6, 1876 in Philadelphia - died January 20, 1930 in New York) was a famous lyricist and composer. He had a writing partnership with Ren Shields that produced many popular musicals and musical comedies.

Productions and input of Will D. Cobb
*Tintypes- a musical revue featuring songs by Will D. Cobb Oct 23, 1980 - Jan 11, 1981

*The Boys and Betty- a musical play featuring songs with lyrics by Will D. Cobb Nov 2, 1908 - Feb 6, 1909

*School Days- musical play, lyrics for "Sunbonnet Sue" by Will D. Cobb Sep 14, 1908 - Oct 10, 1908

*The-Merry-Go-Round- musical comedy, lyrics to "The Shop Window Girls" by Will D. Cobb Apr 25, 1908 - Jul 18, 1908

*A Parisian Model- musical comedy with interpolated songs by Will D. Cobb Jan 6, 1908 - Jan 25, 1908

*His Honor the Mayor- musical comedy with music by Cobb and Shields Nov 25, 1907 - Dec 7, 1907

*Hip! Hip! Hooray!- musical comedy lyrics for "You'll Never Know What Love Is Until I Love You" by Will D. Cobb Oct 10, 1907 - Dec 7, 1907

*The Gay White Way- musical revue featuring "Dixie Dan" by Will D. Cobb Oct 7, 1907 - Jan 4, 1908

*The Girl Behind the Counter- musical comedy featuring "The Cherry in the Glass" by Will D. Cobb Oct 1, 1907 - Jun 6, 1908

*Ziegfeld Follies of 1907- musical revue featuring songs with lyrics by Will D. Cobb Jul 8, 1907 - Nov 10, 1907

*His Honor the Mayor- musical comedy with music by Cobb and Shields Jun 3, 1907 - Jun 15, 1907

*A Parisian Model- musical with additional numbers by Mr. Cobb Nov 27, 1906 - [unknown]

*His Honor the Mayor- musical with Music by Cobb and Shields

*"The Wizard of Oz" 1903-1909 songs with Gus Edwards:
**I Love Only One Girl in the Wide, Wide World
**The Tale of a Cassowary
**Johnnie I'll Take You
**I'll Never Love Another Love Like I Love You

*The Medal and the Maid- musical with lyrics for "In Zanzibar" by Will D. Cobb Jan 11, 1904 - Feb 20, 1904

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