Reflexlocomotion is the technique for the treatment of physical and mental impairment in humans, discovered by Václav Vojta. Sometimes referred to as the Vojta Method.

Based on studies of treatments for spastic children for muscular disorders in the 1950's, a number of reflex points were identified which can be used to stimulate the human body to crawl and turn. By applying pressure to the appropriate reflex points the major muscle groups in the body are activated, breathing becomes regulated and mental activity increases.

See also: Das Vojta Prinzip, Springer Verlag ISBN 3-540-60576-2

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  • Václav Vojta — (July 12 1917 September 12 2000) was a Czech doctor who discovered the principle of reflexlocomotion, which is used to treat various physical and mental disorders through the stimulation of the human sensimotoric system s reflex points.… …   Wikipedia

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