Gnaeus Cornelius Cinna Magnus

Gnaeus Cornelius Cinna Magnus

Gnaeus Cornelius Cinna Magnus (born after 47 BC and before 35 BC-?) was the son of suffect consul Lucius Cornelius Cinna and Pompeia Magna. His sister was Cornelia Pompeia Magna.

His maternal grandparents were Roman triumvir Pompey and Mucia Tertia, while paternal grandparents were consul Lucius Cornelius Cinna and an unnamed Roman woman. Cinna is the only grandson of Pompey, that has the name ‘Magnus’ and is the only grandson that has partly his name.

Cinna became a supporter to Roman triumvir Mark Antony. He was promoted to a priesthood. In 4, Cinna and Aemilia Lepida, the granddaughter of triumvir Marcus Aemilius Lepidus were involved in a conspiracy against the Roman Emperor Augustus. Cinna and Lepida were pardoned by the emperor. Cinna served as a consul in 5.

Cinna is the main character of many Latin plays and of a tragedy called "Cinna" by the famous 17th century French playwright Corneille.



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