Baxterwood Priory

Baxterwood Priory

Baxterwood Priory is a monastery, originally founded at Haswell, Durham, England by Henry Pudsey, a son of Bishop Pudsey, in the latter part of the 12th century. Two vills, Wingate and Haswell, were conferred, probably on the canons of Gisburn.

A better situation was found at Baxterwood, possibly in 1196. It was known as the "New Place upon the Browney" and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Stephen was the Superintendent of the newly founded Augustinian Priory there. It was later appropriated by the nearby Benedictine monks of Durham Cathedral and became a Benedictine Priory, its lands and vills being conferred on Finchale Priory. It was very close to the site of the Battle of Neville's Cross on 17 October 1346 and on the Battle site map along with Arbour House some way to the north.


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