Superman Adventures

Superman Adventures

"Superman Adventures" is a DC comic book series featuring Superman. It is different from other Superman titles in that it is set in the continuity (and style) of "" as opposed to the regular DC Universe.

It ran for 66 issues between 1996 and 2002. Writers on the series included Paul Dini, Mark Evanier, Devin Grayson, Scott McCloud, Mark Millar, and Ty Templeton.

It is a sister title to "Batman Adventures" (based on "") and "Justice League Adventures" (based on "Justice League").

The Batman Adventures #25

While this issue isn't canon with "Superman The Animated Series" or "Superman Adventures", it does feature an early appearance made by Superman and Lex Luthor. Superman has the mullet hairstyle from his early 90s comics and Lex had red hair as opposed to his usual baldness.

The story has Superman and Batman (both know each other prior to the issues beginning) teaming up to fight Maxie Zeus, who has acquired a sceptor which can trigger earthquakes. Lex uses this opportunity to test his Lexcorp Hunter Seekers. At the end of the issue, Batman discovers that Lex is Maxie Zeus' benefactor, for the purpose of testing his robot. Batman agrees to remain quiet about his involvement on the condition that he withdraws his military contract. Lex agrees to it, but threatens to make Batman his target.

Additional Characters

While the comic relied mostly on the cast from the Animated Series, there were a few characters who only appeared in the comic.

* General Zod
** "Superman Adventures #21"

* Brad Wilson (From Superman 3)
** "Superman Adventures #26 and 33"

* Bizarro Lois Lane
** "Superman Adventures #29"

* Krypto
** "Superman Adventures #40"

* Sandman (From The Sandman Saga (Superman))
** "Superman Adventures #54-55"

One Shots

World's Finest

Cover Date - December 1997An adaptation of the 3 part episode of the same name. The adaptation is pretty much faithful to the animated version. An additional scene include Batman discussing to Alfred his problem with Superman (His tendency to rush in without thinking). The story was written by Paul Dini. The penciling done by Joe Staton with the ink done by Terry Beatty.

uperman VS Lobo: Misery In Space

"Superman Adventures Special" #1 (Cover Date - February 1998)Superman inhales a poison unleashed by some terrorists, and leaves Earth to trace a radiation source which should cure him (though not lethal to Superman, the poison makes him a danger to the rest of Earth). Lobo is pointed to an artifact called the Nirvana Crystal, which emits the radiation source Superman requires. The two team up (not with the best of results) and head to the Maracot System.

The owner of the crystal, Squeed is determined to launch it into the sun to cleanse the universe of evil (as his wife was killed in an accident, but he assumes it to be an evil act). Superman, much to Lobo's dismay has to destroy the crystal to keep it from going into the sun. The energy from the destruction of the crystal results in Superman's ailment being cured. He leaves to go back to Earth before the council of Maracot can repay him and Lobo with their treasury. Lobo claims he'll give Superman his share of the reward, and the issue ends with him asking "Would I Lie"?

The story was written by David Michelinie.; art by John Delaney, Mike Manley; cover by John Delaney and Mike Manley



*"The Superman Adventures" #1-66 (Oct. 1996-April 2002)
**Annual 1 (1997)
**Special 1 (Feb. 1998)

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