Year and a day

Year and a day

Year and a day can refer to:
* the Year and a day rule, a period tied into various legal principles in a number of jurisdictions
* A Year and a Day (1998 novel), by Virginia Henley
* A Year and a Day (2004 novel), by Leslie Pietrzyk Morrow
* A poem by Elizabeth Siddall
* A song by the Beastie Boys
* A Year and a Day (film), a 2005 movie
* A period used in handfastings - though more from the works of Sir Walter Scott than history
* The time the The Owl and the Pussycat sailed for in Edward Lear's poem of that name.
* Long term assets are considered to be those held for a year and a day.
* Pagans and secret societies often use a year and a day as a minimum period of initiation or between degrees of membership.

Note: a lunar year (13 lunar months of 28 days) plus a day is a solar year (365 days). Also that 366 days would be a full year even if a leap day was included.

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