Airhead (disambiguation)

Airhead (disambiguation)

An airhead may refer to:

*Airhead, a military term for the endpoint of an airborne assault
*, a common derogatory term for a foolish person (most frequently young and female, similar to bimbo but often used for males also)
*Airheads, a self-applied term for some fans of the band Air Supply
*"Airheads", a 1994 comedy movie
*Airhead (motorcycle), a line of motorcycles featuring the air-cooled flat twin Type 247 engine, built by BMW since 1923.
*Airhead (company), a major manufacturer of power kite and kitesurfing equipment.
*Airheads (candy), a popular candy
*Airhead (band), a British indiepop group active in the early 1990s, best known for their minor UK hit "Funny How".
*Airhead (Thomas Dolby song), a song by artist Thomas Dolby from his album Aliens Ate My Buick.
*Airhead (Girls@Play song), a song by girl group Girls@Play.
*Airhead (novel), a novel by Meg Cabot.

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