Göd is a small town in Pest County, Budapest metropolitan area, Hungary.

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The town is located to the North East of Budapest


Göd is famous for its thriving tourism. It has a thermal spa open almost 365 days a year with its water already declared as rich in minerals. Just next to the spa is the closest golf course to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, equipped with a luxurious five-star hotel named Pólus Palace.

Next to the motorway 2/A (connecting Göd to Budapest), the result of an 80 million-dollar industrial investment is a Samsung SDI factory producing TV and monitor picture tubes (cathode ray tubes), and providing job opportunities for many inhabitants of Göd and other towns around.

Göd is the second town to the north of Budapest, and the first one without big and socialist housing estates. That is, the green belt around Budapest starts with Göd in fact on the left side of the Danube River.


Göd is connected to Budapest (via Dunakeszi, southbound) and to Vác (via Sződliget, northbound) by railway and public roads. On an average weekday, there are buses and trains every 30 minutes to both directions. Vác is 15 minutes by car and by train, and 25 minutes by bus. Western Railway Station (Budapest) is 30 minutes by train. Due to the benefits of its location, Göd is sometimes categorized as a "sleeping town" in Hungarian, as many commuters seem to come home from the city only to sleep. Nevertheless, Göd has a vivid social life: civil organizations, churches, galleries, clubs, monthly newspaper, etc. that makes the town different from an average sleeping town.


Famous people

The following famous people appear in the history of Göd:

* Jenő Wigner (Eugene Wigner in English), physicist, Nobel-prize winner;
* Tivadar Huzella, biologist, cancer researcher, founder of the Biology Research Centre of Göd;
*László Németh, writer;
*Fülöp Beck Ö., sculptor;
*Gabriella Lakatos, ballet-dancer;
*Kálmán Latabár, actor;
*Mór Kóczán, sportsman, athlete (javelin throw), Olympic Bronze winner, Hungarian champion;
*Zoltán Kammerer, sportsman (kayak), World Champion, European Champion, Olympic Gold winner


*It is "not" pronounced like the English word "God."

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