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"Kumkum - Pyara Sa Bandhan" is an Indian television soap opera aired from Monday to Friday at 1:00 PM on STAR Plus in India and 1:30pm in the UK.


The soap opera tells the tale of the Wadhwa family and its daughter-in-law, Kumkum. The show used to tell the story of the married couple of Sumit and Kumkum Wadhwa, but in an earlier episode, Kumkum was shot, and in thereafter Sumit killed himself. They were reborn, with Sumit being very shy and living with a big family in Delhi and Kumkum being born as a fun-loving prankster with her family in a village. Both hate each other after meeting in college, but due to circumstances they have to pretend to be married in front of their families.

Recently Ratan is scared as he thinks he killed Sumit and his ghost is back trying to get him and there kumkum arranges a party for Sumit's parents in occasion of there 25th anniversary and meanwhile Ratan plans to kill Kumkum as she can be danger to him and his mom's plan to get the property! however that fails as Sumit and kumkum's plan comes to success. Ratan being drunk announces to Sumit whom he thought was a ghost why and how he killed him, he was unaware of the people around him whom happened to be listening. Sumit's father finds out about ratan's evil plans and sends him into jail. meanwhile Ratan's evil mother is plotting against them.

Main characters


Kumkum is the favourite daughter-in-law of the Wadhwa family. First, she was married to Jatin; after Jatin's death she was engaged to Vishal but for some reason Vishal's parents called off the wedding and in the hustle bustle Sumit got angry and confused and applied the "sindur" on Kumkum's forehead and so they got married and she had to face Renuka being Sumit's new wife and also had to face the problems and later on they had three kids Druv, Sharman and Aashka. And suddenly she faces a huge problem—so huge that it becomes the reason for her death. But again Kumkum is back after her reincarnation as a "chulbuli" prankster and even in this "janam" she kind of starts "liking" Sumit and due to some consequences, she has to live with Sumit as his wife and helps him in many ways. Recently she has also fallen in love with Sumit, but doesn't want to admit her love to him as Sumit's father, Om Raichand insulted her and her father Chandu Mishra, of wanting to marry Sumit for money.


Sumit used to be Kumkum's brother-in-law but after Jatin's death he married Kumkum in a hustle bustle and faced the problems with her and left Renuka. But in the beginning they both were very uncomfortable but later on their life started to straight out and they were just like any other couple, they loved each other beyond everything and when Pulkit (a demanding lover of Kumkum, who wants her any cost) came back! he accidentally shot Kumkum but aimed at Sumit and Sumit killed himself too as he said he could not live without Kumkum and like as Kumkum he was also back...and he was from a rich and wealthy family and was a very decent guy.He usually gets visions from his past which makes him get closer to Kumkum. Recently, he has now fallen in love with Kumkum in their current life and is trying to help her realize that she loves him as well. He is having trouble doing this as Kumkum is scheduled to marry another illiterate and rude villager, Surjun Singh. Sumit disguised himself as Shamsher Singh and is planning to use Surjan to make Kumkum realize her love for him.

Wadhwa family

* Harshwardhan Wadhwa (The family's patriarch)

* Rajeshwari devi (a.k.a. Rajjo, Harshwardhan's wife)

* Kulbhushan Wadhwa (Harshwardhan's and Rajjo's son, father of Sumit Wadhwa)

* Veena Wadhwa (Kulbhushan's wife, mother of Sumit Wadhwa)

Raichand family

* Om prakash Raichand (Sumit's dad, protagonist)

* Yashodhara Raichand (Sumit's mom, protagonist)

* Ratan Raichand(Sumit's cousin and antagonist, jailed)

* Ramola Raichand (Ratan's mother and main antagonist)

* Komal Raichand (Om's sister and Sumit's "bua", protagonist)

* Amma (Om & Komal's mother; Sumit's grandmother, protagonist)

Mishra family

* Chandu Mishra (a.k.a Chandu Halwai, Kumkum's father, protagonist)

* Manno Mishra (Kumkum's mother, protagonist)

* Chatru Mishra (Kumkum's uncle and Mini's father, Protagonist)

* Dilasa Mishra ((Kumkum's aunt and Mini's mother)

* Mini Mishra (Kumkum's cousin, Gaurav's wife, Protagonist)


* Juhi Parmar ... Kumkum Wadhwa (dies) / Kumkum Mishra after reincarnation

* Hussain Kuwajerwala ... Sumit Wadhwa (dies) / Sumit Raichand after reincarnation

* Aron Bali ... Harshwardan Wadhwa

* Rita Bhaduri ... Rajeshwari Wadhwa

* Paritosh Sand ... Kulbhushan Wadhwa

* Prabha Sinha ... Veena Wadhwa

* Vivan Bhatena ... Dhruv Wadhwa

* Gagan Malik / Gaurav Khanna / Amit Khanna ... Sharman Wadhwa

* Sonia Singh / Sayantani Ghosh ... Antra Wadhwa

* Niyati Joshi ... Aashka Wadhwa

* Megha Gupta ... Neeti

* Mukul Dev ... Pulkit

* Mishir Mishra ... Dr. Vikram

* Shweta Kawaatra ... Nivedita

* Shishir Sharma ... Brijbhushan Wadhwa

* Alka Kaushal ... Sukanya Bua

* Tasneem Sheikh ... Renuka

* Aman Verma ... Abhay Chauvan

* Kabir Sadanand ... Salil Patel

* Sameer Soni ... Yash Thakur

* Raunak Bhatia ...

* Buddhaditya Mohanty ... Akshay


The Star Pariwar Awards


In 2003

* The Best Devar 2003 - Hussain Kuwajerwala

In 2004

* The Best Pati 2004 - Hussain Kuwajerwala

In 2005

* The Best Pati 2005 - Hussain Kuwajerwala

In 2006

* The Best Pati 2006 - Hussain Kuwajerwala

In 2006

* The Best Bhai 2006 - Hussain Kuwajerwala

The Indian Telly Awards

In 2005

* Best Actor critic (Female) - Juhi Parmar

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* [http://starplus.indya.com/serials/kumkum/index.html Official Site]

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