Juniper (disambiguation)

Juniper ("Juniperus") is a type of shrub and tree in the cypress family.
*Juniper berry, the fruit of the juniper

The word juniper may also be a reference to:

Businesses / organisations

*Juniper Bank, a Delaware credit card issuer owned by Barclays plc
*Juniper Networks, a networking equipment company
*Juniper Productions, a drama group based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
*The Juniper Group, an Australian private property development company


*Juniper Green, Edinburgh
*Juniper, Northumberland, England
*Juniper, New Brunswick, Canada
*Juniper, Georgia, United States

Further uses

*Saint Juniper (Fra Ginepro, d. 1258), a follower of Saint Francis of Assisi
*Tony Juniper (b. 1960), British environmentalist and author
*Juniper Lee, the title character in the cartoon series "The Life and Times of Juniper Lee"
*Juniper (band), a precursor to Damien Rice and Bell X1
*Juniper (train), a family of trains used on the British railway network
*Juniper (given name), a given name

ee also

*The Juniper Tree (disambiguation)

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